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St Clement's, Oxford

St Clement's is a district in Oxford, England,1 on the east bank of the River Cherwell2 Its main road, St Clement's Street often shortened to just "St Clement's", links The Plain a roundabout near Magdalen Bridge with London Place at the foot of Headington Hill at the junction with Marston Road to the north

The road continues east as Headington Road and is designated the A420 At the point where St Clement's reaches South Park, there is a junction with Morrell Avenue to the southwest There are several restaurants in the street

St Clement's Church,3 the area's Church of England parish church, is off the southern end of Marston Road The original St Clement's parish church was at The Plain but was demolished in 18284

Stone's Almshouses in St Clement's Street were founded in 17004

The artist William Turner lived here with his wife Elizabeth Ilott after their marriage in 1824

The Royal Microscopical Society, a learned society for the promotion of microscopy, has been based on St Clement's Street since 19675


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