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Specific granule

specific granule dietní cena, specific granule deficiency
Specific granules are secretory vesicles found exclusively in cells of the immune system called granulocytes

It is sometimes described as applying specifically to neutrophils,[1] and sometimes the term is applied to other types of cells[2]

These granules store a mixture of cytotoxic molecules, including many enzymes and antimicrobial peptides, that are released by a process called degranulation following activation of the granulocyte by an immune stimulus

Specific granules are also known as "secondary granules"[3]


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Examples of cytotoxic molecule stored by specific granules in different granulocytes include:

  • Neutrophil: alkaline phosphatase, lactoferrin, lysozyme, NADPH oxidase
  • Eosinophil: cathepsin, major basic protein
  • Basophil: heparin, histamine not directly cytotoxic

Clinical significance

A specific granule deficiency can be associated with CEBPE[4]


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  • Neutrophil granules at savsk

specific granule, specific granule deficiency, specific granule dietní cena, specific granules, specific granules of neutrophils

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