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Speaking of Research SR is an international group which "aims to provide accurate information about the importance of animal research in medical and veterinary science"1 It was founded in March, 2008 by Tom Holder,2 an "energetic young British activist who played an active role in the Pro-Test movement at the University of Oxford,"3 who moved to the US for the purpose of setting up such a group4 Holder had previously been a spokesman for Pro-Test, as well as acting as emcee for their three demonstrations

Speaking of Research state their aims are to "change the tide of the controversial animal rights debate by encouraging students and scientists to speak out in favor of the lifesaving research developed with animals"5 Their launch came during a period of increased direct action in the US6 Since 2007, a number of researchers from the University of California system have had their homes attacked by animal rights activists,7 including one University of California, Santa CruzUCSC researcher whose residence was invaded by six masked activists on February 24, 20088 According to the journal Science, the group also aims to "work with public schools to counter information from groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals"9

Speaking of Research's launch was jointly supported by both Pro-Test in the UK, and Americans for Medical Progress in the US In 2014/15, its running costs were approximately $150 and paid by small donations from supporters5 Its committee is made up primarily of researchers and veterinary technicians, including members of UCLA Pro-Test such as Dr David Jentsch10

During "World Week for Animals in Laboratories 2008," Holder traveled to West Coast universities including UCLA, Berkeley, Oregon Health & Sciences University, and the University of Washington to speak about the role of animals in biomedical research1112 Speaking of Research have supported pro-animal research movements around the world including "Pro-Test for Science" in the US and "Pro-Test Italia" in Italy13 Their committee includes individuals from the US, Canada, UK, Portugal and Italy10

Speaking of Research have long been a proponent of greater transparency and openness in animal research In February 2016 they analysed the position statements of over 200 research institutions in Europe and North America, concluding that most did not meet the highest standards of openness14 As of February 2017, the organisation had analysed 293 position statements, awarding only 22 of them with full marks15 Speaking of Research were among the first organisations to criticise the USDA for removing animal welfare reports and documents from the website in February 201716 The USDA has subsequently begun to return many of these documents to the website17

Pro-Test for Scienceedit

The UCLA Pro-Test rally on 22 July 2009, with Speaking of Research members participating

Speaking of Research offered its support to the UCLA Pro-Test movement later renamed Pro-Test for Science, which was founded in March 2009,18 on the UCLA campus, with Holder playing a leadership role on the organizing committee18 On 22 April 2009 more than 700 staff, students and Los Angeles residents,19 led by the neuroscientist David Jentsch, held a rally to launch the UCLA chapter of Pro-Test, and to stand up to the animal rights activists who had targeted Prof Jentsch and other scientists in a campaign of harassment and arson2021 At the event, Tom Holder announced the launch of the Pro-Test Petition, which aimed to give people in the US the "opportunity to show their support for the scientists and their opposition to the use of threats and violence

The Pro-Test Petition accumulated 11,600 signatures over 12 months,22 after gaining backing from a number of science organizations including the Society for Neuroscience23 and American Physiological Society24 The petition was signed by every chancellor in the University of California system and several Nobel Prize winners At a second UCLA Pro-Test rally – by then, renamed Pro-Test for Science – the petition was handed to representatives from the National Institutes of Health25

In February 2012, two members of Speaking of Research and Pro-Test for Science, Prof David Jentsch and Prof Dario Ringach, won the 2011 AAAS Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award for "their rare courage, their strong defense of the importance of the use of animals in research, and their refusal to remain silent in the face of intimidation by animal rights extremists"26


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