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SparkyLinux is a desktop-oriented operating system based on the "testing" branch of Debian The project offers ready to use operating system with a set of various customized lightweight desktops to choose


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The project was born on October, 2011 as an Ubuntu remix with Enlightenment as the default desktop having the name ue17r Ubuntu Enlightenment17 Remix After a few months of testing, the base system has been changed to Debian and it was renamed to SparkyLinux


SparkyLinux is based on "testing" branch of Debian and uses 'rolling-release-cycle' It includes a collection of tools and scripts to help users with easy administration of the system

The default desktop environment is LXDE but users can download and install other Sparky versions with desktops such as Budgie under development, Enlightenment, JWM, Openbox, KDE, LXQt, MATE or Xfce There is a CLI text based edition for advanced users as well

SparkyLinux offers a special gaming edition "GameOver" targeted to gamers It features a large set of free and open source games and some needed tools

Another special edition of SparkyLinux Rescue provides a live system and a large number of applications for recovering broken operating systems

Sparky editions of: KDE, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Xfce and GameOver are offered with a set of applications for daily use, large set of additional Wifi drivers and multimedia codecs and plug-ins

As of Sparky 43 features the "MinimalGUI" and "MinimalCLI" editions renamed "Base Openbox" and "CLI" which provides the Sparky Advanced Installer which lets the users install one of 20 about different desktops of their choice

As Sparky iso image features a few proprietary packages, the 'Sparky APTus' provides a small tool called 'Non-Free Remover' which can easy uninstall all 'contrib' and 'non-free' packages from the system


SparkyLinux is released 3-4 times per year to provide the latest versions of all applications

Colour Meaning
Red Release no longer supported
Green Release still supported
Blue Future release
Release Name Date Release notes
10 Venus 2012-05-05 SparkyLinux 1 Final
20 Eris 2012-10-12 SparkyLinux 20 Eris
30 Annagerman 2013-07-27 SparkyLinux 30
40 Tyche 2015-06-26 SparkyLinux 40
41 Tyche 2015-10-02 SparkyLinux 41
42 Tyche 2015-12-21 SparkyLinux 42
43 Tyche 2016-04-29 SparkyLinux 43
44 Tyche 2016-08-20 SparkyLinux 44
452 Tyche 2016-12-18 SparkyLinux 452

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