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Space Pirate Mito

space pirate mito, space pirate mito episode 1
Space Pirate Mito 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 Uchū Kaizoku Mito no Daibōken alternatively called Stellar Buster Mito in its Japanese source version,1 is an anime series from 1999 It was produced in two seasons at 13 episodes each Director was Takashi Watanabe, and the series was animated at the studio Triangle Staff Furthermore, there was a theatrical production of the series, during the year 20002

The first series of the farcical sci-fi title mainly revolves around the small space pirate Mito and her fights with and flights from the galactic police force, as well as her relationship with her half-human Earthling son Aoi, initially largely ignorant of his mother's spacefaring life3 The first series ends with Aoi, having become a girl due to a biological quirk of Mito's species, crowned queen of the galaxy as a result of Mito's campaigns, and the second focuses on her and the pirates, now court soldiers, facing the challenges that come with her new office4 Both series have been released on DVD in the United States


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  • Mito Mitsukuni ミト / 光国美都 Mitsukuni Mito; voice: Tomoko Kawakami
  • Aoi Mitsukuni 光国葵 Mitsukuni Aoi; Sōichirō Hoshi
  • Mutsuki Nenga 年賀睦月 Nenga Mutsuki; Kyōko Tsurono
  • Masatsuki Nenga 年賀正月 Nenga Masatsuki, Yumiko Kobayashi
  • Ranban Hideyuki Hori
  • Azuki Mikako Takahashi
  • Kagerō Mitsukuni 光国蔭朗 Mitsukuni Kagerō; Kazuhiko Inoue
  • Sukesaburō "Sabu", Motoko Kumai
  • Kakunoshin "Shin", Yuu Asakawa

Mito Kōmon referencesedit

A couple of "internal" jokes poke fun at the famous Japanese TV series Mito Kōmon In episode two Mito, introduces Sabu and Shin with their complete names, Sukesaburō and Kakunoshin These also happen to be the names of Mitsukuni's two devote followers abbreviated as Suke-san – 助さん – and Kaku-san – 格さん – in the TV-series



  • 日本語タイトル: 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 1/ アニメ Stellar Buster Mito, Bandai Visual 1999-04-25–1999-11-25 laserdisc, seven issues with 1–2 episodes per LD-box
  • 日本語タイトル: 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 2人の女王様 1/ アニメ Stellar Buster Mito, Futari no joōsama, Bandai Visual 1999-12-18–2000-07-25 laserdisc / DVD, seven issues with 1–2 episodes per LD/DVD-box
  • 日本語タイトル: EMOTION the Best 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 DVD-BOX 廉価版/ アニメ DVD, Bandai Visual 2010-07-23 reissue of the whole first season in a box
  • 日本語タイトル: EMOTION the Best 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 2人の女王様 DVD-BOX 廉価版/ アニメ, Bandai Visual 2010-07-23 DVD, reissue with the whole second season in a box
  • 日本語タイトル: 宇宙海賊ミトよ永遠に/ 川上とも子、保志総一郎、他 <歌>aya、伊藤真澄、他 Stellar Buster Mito yo Towa ni, Lantis 2000-09-06 CD
  • 日本語タイトル: ステラバスター 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 オリジナル・サウンドトラック/ サウンドトラック Stellar Buster Mito Original Soundtrack, Lantis 2000-10-25 CD
  • 日本語タイトル: CDシネマ 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 「ざ・む〜び〜」/ ドラマCD CD Cinema Stellar Buster Mito, Tri-m 2000-10-25 CD
  • 日本語タイトル: 宇宙海賊ミトの大冒険 2人の女王様/ サウンドトラックaya、伊藤真澄、柊、美鈴 Stellar Buster Mito 2 Queens, Tri-m 2001-01-24 CD

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  • Space Pirate Mito – Call Me Mom! DVD 1, Media Blasters 2002-10-29
  • Space Pirate Mito – Courting Disaster DVD 2, Media Blasters 2003-03-25
  • Space Pirate Mito – Ranban Dearest DVD 3, Media Blasters 2003-05-27
  • Space Pirate Mito – Like Mother, Like Son DVD 4, Media Blasters 2003-07-29
  • Space Pirate Mito – First Season Collection DVD, Media Blasters 2003-10-28
  • Aoi & Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens DVD, Media Blasters 2007-07-31


This article, as of 27 June 2012, was mainly based upon the article "Space Pirate Mito" in the Swedish-language Wikipedia


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External linksedit

  • Space Pirate Mito anime at Anime News Network's encyclopedia
  • "Anime-Planet: Aoi and Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens" review

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