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South Hamgyeong Province (Republic of Korea)

south hamgyong province (republic of korea)
"South Hamgyeong Province" or "Hamgyeongnam-do" Korean pronunciation: hamɡjʌŋ namdo is, according to South Korean law, a province of the Republic of Korea, as the South Korean government formally claims to be the legitimate government of whole of Korea In reality, the area constituting the province is under the effective jurisdiction of both North Korea and PRC

As South Korea does not recognize changes in administrative divisions made by North Korea, official maps of the South Korean government shows South Hamgyeong Province in its pre-1945 borders The area corresponds to North Korea's South Hamgyong Province, as well as parts of Ryanggang Province, Chagang Province, Kangwon Province and PRC's Jilin Province

To symbolize its claims, the South Korean government established The Committee for the Five Northern Korean Provinces as an administrative body for the five northern provinces A governor for South Hamgyeong Province is appointed by the President of South Korea


  • 1 Administrative divisions
    • 11 City
    • 12 County
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Administrative divisionsedit

Hamgyeongbuk-do is divided into 3 cities si and 16 counties gun


  • Hamheung hangul: 함흥, hanja: 咸興
    • 78 dong
  • Heungnam 흥남, 興南
    • 75 dong
  • Wonsan 원산, 元山
    • 88 dong


  • Hamju 함주, 咸州 administrative center at Hamheung
    • 16 myeon : Gigok, Deoksan, Dongcheon, Sampyeong, Sanggicheon, Sangjoyang, Seondeok, Yeonpo, Jubuk, Juseo, Juji, Cheonseo, Cheonwon, Toejo, Hagicheon, Hajoyang
  • Sinheung 신흥, 新興
    • 8 myeon : Sinheung, Gapyeong, Sangwoncheon, Seogocheon, Yeonggo, Wonpyeong, Hawoncheon, Dongsang
  • Jeongpyeong 정평, 定平
    • 8 myeon : Chongpyong, Gosan, Gwangdeok, Gwirim, Munsan, Sinsang, Jangwon, Jui
  • Yeongheung 영흥, 永興
    • 1 eup : Yeongheung
    • 11 myeon : Goryeong, Deokheung, Seonheung, Sunryeong, Eokgi, Yodeok, Inheung, Jangheung, Jinpyeong, Hodo, Heongcheon
  • Gowon 고원, 高原
    • 1 eup : Gowon
    • 5 myeon : Gunnae, Sangok, Sangsan, Sudong, Ungok
  • Muncheon 문천, 文川 administrative center at Muncheon-myeon
    • 1 eup : Cheonnae
    • 7 myeon : Muncheon, Deokwon, Myeonggu, Bukseong, Unrim, Pungsang, Pungha
  • Anbyeon 안변, 安邊
    • 7 myeon : Anbyeon, Ando, Seokwangsa, Baehwa, Seogok, Singosan, Sinmo
  • Hongwon 홍원, 洪原
    • 1 eup : Hongwon
    • 6 myeon : Gyeongwun, Bohyeon, Samho, Yongwon, Yongpo, Unhak
  • Bukcheong 북청, 北靑
    • 3 eup : Bukcheong, Sinpo, Sinchang
    • 11 myeon : Gahoe, Geosan, Deokseong, Sanggeoseo, Seongdae, Sokhu, Sin-Bukcheong, Yanghwa, Igok, Hageoseo, Huchang
  • Iwon 이원, 利原 administrative center at Iwon-myeon
    • 1 eup : Chaho
    • 3 myeon : Iwon, Dong, Namsong
  • Dancheon 단천, 端川
    • 1 eup : Dancheon
    • 8 myeon : Gwangcheon, Damduil, Bokgwi, Bukdoil, Suha, Sinman, Ijung, Hada
  • Jangjin 장진, 長津
    • 7 myeon : Jangjin, Dongmun, Dongha, Buk, Sangnam, Seohan, Jungnam
  • Pungsan 풍산, 豐山
    • 5 myeon : Pungsan, Ansan, Ansu, Ungyi, Cheonnam
  • Samsu 삼수, 三水
    • 7 myeon : Samsu, Geumsu, Gwanheung, Samseo, Sinpa, Jaseo, Hoin
  • Gapsan 갑산, 甲山
    • 5 myeon : Gapsan, Dongin, Jindong, Sannam, Hoerin
  • Hyesan 혜산, 惠山
    • 1 eup : Hyesan
    • 5 myeon : Daejin, Byeoldong, Bocheon, Bongdu, Unheung

Several parts of Hyesan County are under the rule of PRC Another parts of same county are claimed by ROC

See alsoedit

  • The Committee for the Five Northern Korean Provinces
  • South Hamgyong Province of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea North Korea
  • Hamgyong, historical Eight Provinces of Korea

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