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Sound of Guns

sound of guns, sound of gunshot
Sound of Guns are an alternative rock band from Liverpool, England formed in 2008 Discovered by BBC Introducing the band went on to sign with independent record label Distiller Records through which they released their debut album What Came From Fire on 28 June 2010 and second album Angels and Enemies on 5 March 2012

In early 2012 the band announced a full UK and European tour to coincide with the release of their second album


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Early years

After Andrew Metcalfe and Simon Finley's band split up in the summer of 2007, the pair set up a small studio in a disused social club in Liverpool and spent the next few months writing and recording some new material At the end of 2007 they were introduced to Nathan Crowley, whose previous band had recently ended too By the start of 2008, the three had begun writing and recording songs together, some of which would eventually end up on Sound of Gun's debut album What Came From Fire In need of other musicians to complete the line-up, Crowley played the new recordings for Lee Glynn, a guitarist with whom he had played previously Glynn had made plans to return home to his family in Australia, but on hearing the recordings, decided to stay and join Sound of Guns on guitar

After a few months of writing and rehearsing as a four piece, the band booked their first shows After several unsuccessful auditions for a bass player, they decided to go ahead with the shows, and have the bass parts recorded to a backing track until they found the right bass player It was at their first hometown show at the Barfly in Liverpool that the Sound of Guns line-up was completed John Coley, a friend of Nathan Crowley, was in the crowd that night, and was so impressed with the raw energy and powerful performance from Sound of Guns that he joined the band there and then

Over the next few months, the band gigged endlessly around the country and carried on recording new material as a five piece By the end of 2008 they self-released their debut single "Alcatraz", which was recorded and produced by the band, and gained a fair amount of major radio airplay, including on XFM and Radio 1

Distiller Records

After more writing and touring, the band soon found themselves at the centre of some serious interest from major and independent record companies During this time, Distiller Records offered to release their next single The band took up this offer, and "Architects" was released in June 2009 as a limited edition 7" vinyl, again gaining radio airplay The band then headed out on tour in support of this release, and played numerous shows which included four gigs at Glastonbury Festival, opening the main stage at Latitude Festival and Radio 1's Big Weekend The band were invited by Radio 1 to perform four songs at the legendary Maida Vale studios

After signing a record contract with Distiller Records the band set about writing towards their debut release On 26 October 2009 Sound of Guns released their first EP, Elementary of Youth, through Distiller Records It was available on a 7" gatefold single, which included a CD, the band's own fanzine Retail Rodeo and digital download It consisted of four tracks, "Elementary of Youth", "Lightspeed" both mixed by Dave Eringa Manic Street Preachers/Idlewild, "Dead Sea Scrolls" and "Gallantry" The lead track "Elementary of Youth" was quickly picked up by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe and given the title of 'Hottest Record in the World' as well as XFM's 'Single of the Week' by Steve Harris


During a UK tour in March 2009 Sound of Guns found themselves surrounded by armed police in Wakefield after a mix up involving the band's name led to the group being mistaken for gangsters, as reported by NME

What Came From Fire

After touring in support of the Elementary of Youth EP, the band headed into the studio to record their debut album However, instead of using a commercial studio, the band opted to build their own studio using the advance from their record contract, and spent the end of 2009 recording their debut album, producing it themselves The album was mixed by Chris Potter The Verve, U2 in January 2010 and was released in June 2010, titled What Came From Fire

It was preceded by two more single releases, "Alcatraz" in April 2010 and "Architects" in June 2010 Both were new versions of the songs and were not limited editions this time round "Architects" reached Number 1 on the HMV 7" Singles Chart, and was playlisted by BBC Radio 1 daytime and XFM daytime BBC Radio 1 also gave the track 'Single of the Week' Greg James and XFM 'Single of the Week' Steve Harris

The album was short listed for the 'XFM new music award' in 2011 and highlighted as one of the albums of the year

Track list

All tracks written by Sound of Guns

4"Elementary of Youth"3:15
6"106 Still The Words"6:23
8"My White Noise"4:18
9"Bullets in the Bloodstream"3:35
10"Backs of Butterflies"4:53
11"Starts With an End"3:56
12"Magnesium Seas Digital Only Track"4:49

In late 2010 the band announced they would release the single "Breakwater" taken from the yet untitled second album as a free download via the band's website In support of this they also announced a UK tour with The View

Angels and Enemies

Sound of Guns performing in Dundee, March 2012

In early 2011 the band started writing new material for their follow-up to What Came From Fire, and headed into the studio with Dave Eringa Manic Street Preachers, Ocean Colour Scene, Idlewild to record material for the album

The band recorded the album at The Distillery in Bath

The first single to be released from the album was "Silicon", released as part of an EP which included tracks that never made it onto the album, rare demos and acoustic tracks from What Came From Fire Also as part of the EP the band teamed up with Pledge to offer exclusive one-off and VIP experiences, limited edition tshirts, hand written lyric sheets and jam in rehearsals with band All exclusive pledgers were given a free download of all of the tracks on the EP

The second single "Sometimes" was released on the same day as the album and has been championed by BBC Radio 1 Zane Lowe and XFM Mary Anne Hobbs

Angels and Enemies was released to critical acclaim FMV Magazine's Dan Jenko described the record as "an excellent return for Sound of Guns:one that not only gives their die-hard fans the crowd-pleasing anthems they wanted, but also provides another stepping stone as they attempt to break into the mainstream fold"

Track list

All tracks written by Sound of Guns

3"The Oceans, The Rivers, The Seas"4:18
4"Flash of Light"4:31
5"Whites of Your Eyes"4:23
8"End of the World"3:31
9"The Leaning"4:54
10"Of Our Own Invention"5:01


  • Andrew Metcalfe - lead vocals
  • Lee Glynn - guitar
  • Nathan Crowley - guitar
  • John Coley - bass
  • Simon Finley - drums


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