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Sons of Ram

sons of ram full movie malayalam, sons of ram
Sons of Ram is a 2012 Indian animated film created by ACK Animation Studios, and co-produced by Maya Digital Studios and Cartoon Network India Based on Indian mythology of the sons of Rama, Luv and Kush, it is Amar Chitra Katha's first animated feature film in stereoscopic 3D It was released to theatres in India on 2 November 2012

The movie was screened at the Toronto Animation Arts festival TAAFI in 2013 The movie premiered on television on Cartoon Network India


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Surayavanshi Ram of Ayodhya, the greatest warrior king that ever lived, was forced to send his beloved wife Sita into exile, thus leading him and his kingdom to despair and towards an empty future

Unknown to Ram, far away in sage Valmiki's hermitage, Sita lives as Vandevi, raising their twin sons, Luv & Kush Though not aware of their lineage, the twins imbibe wisdom, compassion & combat skills that would put any royal prince to shame

Sita teaches Luv -Kush to always work as a team, secretly hoping that her estranged family would find a way to come together one day The twins must conquer their inner demons before they can achieve their destinies

Accompanied by a steadfast gang of lovable friends, Luv-Kush's journey takes them from enchanted forests with mythical creatures to the revered land of Ayodhya, the home of their fabled heroes

Voice cast

  • Aditya Kapadia - Luv
  • Devansh Doshi - Kush
  • Saptrishi Ghosh - Ram
  • Sunidhi Chauhan - Sita
  • Raj Bhuva - Bheelu

See also

  • List of Indian animated feature films


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  • Official website
  • Sons of Ram on IMDb

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