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Software Updater

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In Linux operating systems, the Software Updater previously known as Update Manager program updates installed software and their associated packages with important software updates for security or with recommended patches It also informs users when updates are available, listing them in alphabetical order for users to choose which updates to install, if any It was originally written for Ubuntu although it is now part of the standard Debian operating system and other APT-based systems

The application was originally called Update Manager; it was announced in May 2012 that starting with Ubuntu 1210 the name would change to Software Updater to better describe its functions2

The Software Updater cannot uninstall updates, although this can be accomplished by other package managers such as Ubuntu Software Center and more technically advanced ones such as Synaptic

In Ubuntu, the Software Updater can update the operating system to new versions which are released every six months for standard releases or every two years for Long Term Support releases This functionality is included by default in the desktop version but needs to be added to the server version3

Distributions that use the Software Updateredit

  • Debian
  • Kubuntu
  • Lubuntu
  • Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu GNOME
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • UbuntuKylin
  • Xubuntu

See alsoedit

  • Free software portal
  • Advanced Packaging Tool
  • KPackage
  • Package management system
  • Synaptic software
  • Ubuntu Software Center


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  • Official website Launchpad development
  • Official website Ubuntu wiki

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