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Smilets dynasty

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Smilets dynasty was an imperial house of Bulgaria It is one of the smallest royal houses

Family tree of the Smilets dynasty

It was founded by Tsar Smilets of Bulgaria


  • Smilets of Bulgaria – his parentage is unknown, but he was of noble birth and had two brothers
  • Smiltsena Palaiologina – wife of Smilets1
  • Marina Smilets of Bulgaria – daughter of Smilets and Smiltsena
  • Teodora of Bulgaria, Queen of Serbia2 – daughter of Smilets and Smiltsena
  • Ivan II of Bulgaria – son of Smilets and Smiltsena3
  • Ivan Dragušin – son of Marina and Aldimir
  • Stephen Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia – son of Teodora and Stephen Uroš III Dečanski of Serbia4
  • Dušman – son of Teodora and Stephen Uroš III Dečanski5


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Smilets dynasty

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Smilets dynasty
Smilets dynasty
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