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SkyscraperPage is an internet forum for skyscraper hobbyists and enthusiasts34 that tracks existing and proposed skyscrapers around the world5 The site is owned by Skyscraper Source Media, a supplier of skyscraper diagrams for the publication, marketing, and display industries, and is a publisher of illustrated skyscraper diagram poster products6 SkyscraperPagecom drawings have appeared in National Geographic's website, Wired, Condé Nast, The Globe and Mail Report on Business Magazine4 They are based in Victoria, British Columbia7

The site has a database of scale-model illustration skyscrapers and other major macro-engineering projects, and tall structures around the world8 The scale of the drawings are one pixel per meter4 The images are created using pixel art3 Using these diagrams, skyscrapers and other tall structures from any cities can be compared General information is also given about each structure, such as the location, the year built, if available, and for multifloor buildings the number of floors

In 2008, the site had over 22,000 custom made drawings of skyscrapers and other tower-type objects which were submitted by the site's users There were 600 artists signed up with the site, about half of whom were active4

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