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Six Codes

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Six Codes 六法, refers to the six main legal codes that make up the main body of law in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan1 Sometimes, the term is also used to describe the six major areas of law Furthermore, it may refer to all or part of a collection of statutes

 Japan  South Korea  Taiwan
1 Constitution of Japan
Nippon-koku-kenpō, 1946
Constitution of the Republic of Korea
Daehan-minguk Heon-beob, 1948
Constitution of the Republic of China
Zhōnghuá Mínguó Xiànfǎ, 1948
2 Civil Code
民法 Minpō, 1896
Civil Code
民法 Min-beob, 1958
Civil Code
民法 Mínfǎ, 1929
3 Code of Civil Procedure
民事訴訟法 Minji-soshō-hō, 1996
Code of Civil Procedure
民事訴訟法 Minsa-sosong-beob, 1960
Code of Civil Procedure
民事訴訟法 Mínshìsùsòngfǎ, 1930
4 Criminal Code
刑法 Keihō, 1907
Criminal Code
刑法 Hyeong-beob, 1953
Criminal Code
刑法 Xíngfǎ, 1935
5 Code of Criminal Procedure
刑事訴訟法 Keiji-soshō-hō, 1948
Code of Criminal Procedure
刑事訴訟法 Hyeongsa-sosong-beob, 1954
Code of Criminal Procedure
刑事訴訟法 Xíngshìsùsòngfǎ, 1928
6 Commercial Code
商法 Shōhō, 1899
Commercial Code
商法 Sang-beob, 1962
Administrative laws
行政法規 Xíngzhèngfǎguī

The word roppō is a slightly adapted form of the word used in Japanese to describe the Napoleonic Code ナポレオン五法典 Napoleon go-hōten when it was brought over during the early Meiji period2 Although the Napoleonic Code consisted of five major codes, the Japanese added to this their own constitution to form six codes in all, and thus it came to be called the roppō or "six codes"2

Legislation in Japan tends to be terse The statutory volume Roppō Zensho, similar in size to a large dictionary, contains all six codes as well as many other statutes enacted by the Diet

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  1. Ministry of Justice, ROCTaiwan
  2. The Laws and Regulations Database of the ROCTaiwan
  3. The Complete Six Codes of Japan RONの六法全書 onLINEin Japanese


  1. ^ Ministry of Justice, ROC Taiwan
  2. ^ a b Masaji Chiba “Japan” edited by Poh-Ling Tan, “Asian Legal Systems” Butterworths, London, 1997

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