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Sister Cities (film)

sister cities (film), sister cities film kaia gerber
Sister Cities is a Lifetime television film directed by Sean Hanish, based on the internationally acclaimed 2006 play of the same name by Colette Freedman The film stars Stana Katic, Jess Weixler, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Troian Bellisario as the four sisters along with Jacki Weaver, Alfred Molina, Amy Smart, and Tom Everett Scott filling out the rest of the cast


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Four estranged sisters reunite after their mother's alleged suicide Mary Baxter led an enviable life, traveling the world as a young dancer She was blessed with four daughters from four different fathers, each as unique as the cities they are named after: Carolina Katic, Austin Weixler, Dallas Trachtenberg and Baltimore Bellisario After Mary's death, her daughters reunite in their New England family home to mourn Austin reveals the truth about their mother's "suicide" Old animosities among the sisters resurface, and the dark truth threatens to tear the family apart As the local police investigate the circumstances of Mary's death, the estranged sisters must choose to either turn their back on the only family they have known, or risk everything to protect one another


  • Jacki Weaver as Mary Baxter, 71, the mother of the four women
    • Amy Smart as 41- to 63-year-old Mary
  • Jess Weixler as Austin Baxter, 29, a writer who moved back home to take care of Mary Her father is Mort, who is also Mary's best friend
    • Ava Kolker as 8-year-old Austin
  • Stana Katic as Carolina "Carol" Baxter Shaw, 37, a lawyer who is on track to being a judge, she is the daughter of Mary and Roger
    • Kaia Gerber as 13- to 16-year-old Carolina
    • Roxie Hanish as 7-year-old Carolina
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Dallas Baxter, 27, a perfectionist, married to Peter, in the process of a divorce Her father was Sully, who died in a car accident
    • Kayla Levine as 6-year-old Dallas
  • Troian Bellisario as Baltimore Baxter, 21, the youngest sister Her father was a piano player at a jazz club
    • Serendipity Lilliana as Young Baltimore
  • Alfred Molina as Mort Stone, 62, Austin's father and best friend of Mary Baxter
    • Fidel Gomez as Young Mort
  • Tom Everett Scott as Chief Barton Brady, 39, Carolina's ex-love interest He is also chief of police
  • Aimee Garcia as Sarah, 31, Austin's girlfriend
  • Kathy Baker as Janis, a publisher
  • Peter Jason as Dr Timmins
  • Patrick Davis as Carlos
  • Colette Freedman as Brontë



On July 16, 2015, Kaia Gerber was cast as a young Carolina2 On July 20, 2015, it was confirmed that Troian Bellisario, Stana Katic, Jess Weixler, and Michelle Trachtenberg had signed on to play the four sisters, Baltimore, Carolina, Austin, and Dallas, respectively3 The following day, it was confirmed Jacki Weaver and Amy Smart was cast as a Mary and young Mary, respectively along with Alfred Molina4 Aimee Garcia joined the cast as Sarah, a girlfriend of one of the sisters5


Principal photography began on July 10, 2015 in Los Angeles when, after "only about 3 shots into filming" a grenade was found on set and production was stopped for 2 hours6


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