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Singapore Tonight

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Singapore Tonight is a long-running flagship daily national news programme on Channel NewsAsia which runs daily from 22:00 until 23:00 SST/HKT 21:00 until 22:00 WIB/BKK, providing a round-up of all the day's events around Singapore and coverage of breaking news The highly rated programme is currently presented by John Leong and Dawn Tan

Up until early July 2008, the show was aired live only in Singapore with a replay available internationally at 00:00 until 00:30 SST/HKT 01:00 until 01:30 WIB/BKK In addition, a few segments of the show are available on the international edition of Asian Home News at 22:30 until 23:00 SST/HKT 22:30 until 00:00 WIB/BKK and 10:30 until 11:00 SST/HKT 11:30 until 12:00 WIB/BKK

From 31 March 2014, the programme was expanded to 1 hour to incorporate the Singapore Business segment previously aired as Business Singapore / Singapore Business Tonight at 22:30 GMT+8 and features two main anchors, Steven Chia and Dawn Tan John Leong replaced Steven Chia on a permanent basis from 7 November onwards

This is only one of two main English national newscasts available in Singapore; the other being News 5


  • 1 Main Presenters
    • 11 Relief Weekends
  • 2 Former
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Main Presenters

John Leong and Dawn Tan Weekdays

Relief Weekends

  • Jill Neubronner Main weekend presenter from 1 April 2017
  • Angela Lim
  • Sarah Al-Khaldi
  • Gerard Lam
  • Loke Wei Sue
  • Sona Remesh
  • Timothy Go
  • Otelli Edwards
  • Glenda Chong
  • Genevieve Woo
  • Christine Chan
  • Steve Lai
  • Geraldine Tan
  • Yvvone Chan


  • Steven Chia
  • Genevieve Woo
  • Suzanne Ho
  • David Nye
  • Sushila Krishnan
  • Melvin Yong
  • Melissa Hyak
  • Timothy Ouyang
  • Yvonne Yong


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