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The Sindi Greek: Σινδοί, Herod iv 28 were an ancient people in the Taman Peninsula and the adjacent coast of the Pontus Euxinus Black Sea, in the district called Sindica, which spread between the modern towns of Temryuk and Novorossiysk Herod l c; Hipponax p 71, ed Welck; Hellanic p 78; Dionys Per 681; Steph B p 602; Amm Marc xxii 8 § 41, &c Their name is variously written, and Mela calls them Sindones ii 19, Lucian Tox 55, Sindianoi

Strabo describes them as living along the Palus Maeotis, and among the Maeotae, Dandarii, Toreatae, Agri, Arrechi, Tarpetes, Obidiaceni, Sittaceni, Dosci, and Aspurgiani, among others Strab xi 2 11 The Great Soviet Encyclopedia classes them as a tribe of the Maeotae The Cambridge Ancient History refers to the Sindi as a Scythian people dominant among the Maeotians, whom it considers as either of Cimmerian ancestry or as Caucasian aboriginals under Iranian overlordship1

In the 4th century BC, the Sindi were the people inhabiting the Sindike Kingdom, which were under the rule of Hekataios and his wife Tirgatao until the latter was dethroned The son of Hekataios, Oktamasades, was later the ruler of the people after having usurped the throne from his father and was warred by Leukon and defeated him shortly thereafterThe Sindi were subjugated by the Bosporan Kingdom presumably during the wars of expansion They left multiple tumuli which, when excavated by Soviet archaeologists, revealed that their culture was heavily Hellenized The Sindi were assimilated by the Sarmatians in the first centuries AD

Besides the seaport of Sinda, other towns belonging to the same people were Hermonassa, Gorgippia, and Aborace Strab xi 2, et seq They had a monarchical form of government Polyaen, viii 55, and Gorgippia was the residence of their kings Strab l c

Nicolaus Damascenus p 160, ed Orell mentions a peculiar custom which they had of throwing upon the grave of a deceased person as many fish as the number of enemies whom he had overcome

Many of the Sindis migrated south with other Scythians to settle, eg, in Kurdistan Today, the large Kurdish tribe of Sindi and associated clans, as well as the Sarmi/Sarmatian tribes in northern Kurdistan still carry the ancient name of these settlers



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