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SIGCHI is the Special Interest Group on Computer–Human Interaction, one of the Association for Computing Machinery's special interest groups It is the world's leading organization in Human–Computer Interaction HCI, and essentially created and defined the field

It hosts the major annual international HCI conference, CHI, with around 2,500 attendees, and publishes two of the main international publications on HCI: ACM Interactions, and ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction TOCHI

It was formed in 1982 by renaming and refocussing SIGSOC, the Special Interest Group on Social and Behavioral Computing; Lorraine Borman, previously editor of the SIGSOC Bulletin, was its first chair

SIGCHI has two membership publications, the SIGCHI Bulletin and interactions

Each year it inducts around 7 or 8 people into the CHI Academy, honouring them for their significant contribution to the field of human–computer interaction It also gives out a CHI Lifetime Achievement Award for research and practice, the CHI Lifetime Service Award, and the CHI Social Impact Award Past recipients of these awards are listed on the SIGCHI website


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Executive Committee

SIGCHI is governed by an Executive Committee EC which is composed of officers elected by SIGCHI members, the immediate past chair, the editors of SIGCHI publications, and other appointed members

The current SIGCHI President is Loren Terveen of GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota

See also

  • Marilyn Tremaine, a co-founder


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  • interactions
  • SIGCHI Bulletin
  • History of SIGCHI to 1996
  • SIGCHI Awards

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