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Shuklaganjofficially Gangaghat is situated in Unnao district, but it is also considered as a suburb of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, located on the banks of holy river Ganges about 5 km from Kanpur on the SH 58 to UnnaoThe population was 370803 as of the 2001 censusAccording to census of 2011 it is 884072 It has 80% of literacy and is 5 km from Kanpur Cantonment Shuklaganj was once known as GangaghatThough it lies in Unnao district, it lies adjacent to Kanpur and hence is a suburb of KanpurThe city is enlisted as a municipality of Kanpur Metropolitan Area


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Shuklaganj was established in 1935 Shuklaganj by DC AN Shukla In 1976, Bal Govind Montessori school made for infants Each of the Foundation Day on February 8 cricket tournament held at the stadium is made ramkali goddess He said that 8 of the 78th Foundation Day on February Shuklaganj final tournament will be played In addition to the tournament trophy to the winning team will be prizes12

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Shuklaganj has a railway station named Kanpur Bridge Left Bank on the Kanpur-Lucknow line Kanpur Central which is about 6 km away is major railhead

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Kanpur Civil Airport is nearest airport but Kanpur Chakeri airport is nearest domestic airportLucknow Airport is nearest international airport


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