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Shreveport Open

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The Shreveport Open was a golf tournament on the Nationwide Tour from 1991 to 2002 It was played at the Southern Trace Country Club in Shreveport, Louisiana In its last year, it was sponsored by Hibernia National Bank and called the Hibernia Southern Open

The purse in 2002 was $425,000, with $76,500 going to the winner


Hibernia Southern Open

  • 2002 David Morland IV

BUYCOM Shreveport Open

  • 2001 Pat Bates
  • 2000 Kent Jones

NIKE Shreveport Open

  • 1999 Bob Heintz
  • 1998 Vance Veazey
  • 1997 Mark Wurtz
  • 1996 Tim Loustalot
  • 1995 Brad Fabel
  • 1994 Omar Uresti
  • 1993 Sonny Skinner

Ben Hogan Shreveport Open

  • 1992 Ted Tryba
  • 1991 Jeff Coston

External linksedit

  • Southern Trace Country Club official site
  • 2002 Hibernia Southern Open preview

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