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Shih Shou-chien

shih chien university, shih chien college
Shih Shou-chien Chinese: 石守謙; born June 8, 1951 is a Taiwanese scholar, writer, and professor at National Taiwan University He served as President of National Palace Museum from May 2004 to January 200612 He is an academician of Academia Sinica

Life and careeredit

Shih Shou-chien was born in Taiwan on June 8, 1951 He graduated from National Taiwan University as well as Princeton University He studied the Chinese painting history under Fang Wen, a noted Chinese-American art history scholar3 He was a professor at National Taiwan University in 1990, becoming director of the Institute of Art History in 1991 In May 2000 Executive Yuan appointed he as Vice-President of National Palace Museum After this office was terminated in May 2004, he was promoted to President position, serving until January 2006 He is a researcher at Academia Sinica since 2006, and he was elected an academician in July 2012


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Government offices
Tu Cheng-sheng
President of National Palace Museum
20 May 2004 - 25 January 2006
Lin Mun-lee

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