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Senarica is a village in the Abruzzo region of central Italy With a population of fewer than 300 people, Senarica was an independent republic for about four centuries until the end of the eighteenth century It was the smallest state to maintain an independent status for that long, although now it is a frazione of the comune of Crognaleto


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It lies west of Teramo city, in the province of Teramo


Senàrica and the neighbouring village Poggio Umbricchio became independent in circa 1343, when Queen Joanna I of Naples granted the area independence because of the inhabitants' fierce opposition against the enemy troops of Milan under Lord Luchino I Visconti's relative Ambrogio Visconti Impressed by the splendor of the dogal Republic of Venice, Senàrica rulers adopted a similar republican government, with an elected doge as head of state

Its coat of arms was a black shield with a silver lion as the symbol of the state fetching a snake of the same colour These arms appeared on a gold gonfalon and on the seal as well In the village's cathedral is still visible a reproduction of the lion, which in this particular image is topped by a crown


Senarica is also a family name One member of the family is the minor Italian actor Piero Senarica

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