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Sega Superstars

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Sega Superstars stylized as Sega SuperStars is a party video game developed by Sonic Team for the PlayStation 2 It was published by Sega and released in Europe on October 22, 2004; in North America in November 3, 2004; and in Japan in November 11, 2004citation needed The game features several minigames based on various Sega titles that are controlled using the EyeToy peripheral


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Gameplay is similar to that of EyeToy: Play, in which players use their body to play a variety of minigames However, while that game only picked up player's movement, Sega Superstars uses a more advanced system Before the start of each game, a setup screen with an orange area is shown In order to start the game, players have to stand in a position where the orange area won't pick up any movement and select the continue button This method determines what area is the background, allowing EyeToy to pick up the player's position, as opposed to just what areas are moving This is particularly prominent in games like Puyo Puyo, which uses the player's entire bodycitation needed


Before Sega Superstars, few games had made use of the EyeToy1 As such, the game was developed as a product that would combine the novelty of this accessory with the familiarity of Sega's first-party franchises to extend the long-term viability of the PlayStation 2 console It was announced in April 20042 and exhibited at the Electronic Entertainment Expo E33 and Tokyo Game Show events of that same year1


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