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sędziszów małopolski, sędziszów młp
Sędziszów   listen is a town in Jędrzejów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Poland, with 6,830 inhabitants 2004 The town belongs to Lesser Poland, and since its foundation until the Partitions of Poland, it was part of Kraków Voivodeship Sędziszów railway station is a stop for both the PKP intercity trains and their regional trains The Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line also goes through Sędziszów, and the town lies eight kilometres 50 miles from European route E77

Sędziszów is a historic seat of the noble Jastrzębiec family see Jastrzębiec coat of arms, and its history dates back to the 13th century Until World War II, Sędziszów was a private village, its last owners were the Kamiński family In the 15th century, it had a wooden church of St Peter and Paul The church burned in a fire, and a new, brick one was built in 1771 In 1885 Sędziszów, which after the Partitions of Poland belonged to the Russian-controlled Congress Poland, received a rail station, along a line from Warsaw to Sosnowiec in the 1920s, a connection to Kraków via Miechów was added After that, the center of the village gradually moved from its ancient market square towards the station, and Sędziszów emerged as a settlement for rail workers, with new houses and a roundhouse In 1940, German occupiers expanded the station and the Sedziszów rail hub At the same time, the town was a center of Polish resistance, with Home Army units operating here Until February 14, 1990, Sędziszów was a village


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Sędziszów is twinned with

  • Mykulyntsi, Ukraine

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Coordinates: 50°35′N 20°04′E / 50583°N 20067°E / 50583; 20067

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