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Scumdogs of the Universe

scumdogs of the universe, scumdogs of the universe gwar
Scumdogs of the Universe is the second album by satirical shock rock band Gwar The album is their first album on Metal Blade Records and was released on January 8, 1990 To date, it is the band's best-selling album[citation needed]


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As the title implies, it is a concept album about the Scumdogs' Gwar reign of terror on planet Earth the song "Death Pod" explains exactly how they came to Earth to begin with The production is very refined compared to the independent, rushed first attempt with each successive album sounding more and more refined Gwar began to experiment with samples to some degree eg in the song, "Maggots" The songs are more socially relevant in this album as well Examples include "Slaughterama" which involves Gwar killing hippies and nazi-skinheads in a game show-style fashion and the opening track, "The Salaminizer", in which the first verse was inspired by/based on "Gangsta, Gangsta", a song by the breakthrough rap group NWA Other references include history Vlad the Impaler and Lovecraft mythology Horror of Yig Most of the album is centered on twisted jokes about insane medical practices and sexual perversion This album is viewed by many of Gwar's fans as well as Gwar themselves as their ultimate masterpiece Thus the band will play more songs from Scumdogs than any other album "Sick of You" is the most frequently played song in concert, generally the grand finale

This is the first Gwar album on which more than two people sing lead Hell-O had Oderus Urungus and Techno Destructo: "Slaughterama" features Sleazy P Martini, Sexecutioner sings his namesake song, and the album's CD exclusive closer, "Cool Place To Park," debuts bassist Beefcake the Mighty as a vocalist All other songs featured Oderus

Additionally, Danielle Stampe Slymenstra Hymen, Michael Derks Balsac the Jaws of Death, Chuck Varga Sexecutioner, and Brad Roberts Jizmak Da Gusha make their debuts on this album


In 2016, Scumdogs of the Universe was ranked #90 on Loudwire's Top 90 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 1990s lists[2]

Track listing

1"The Salaminizer"Brockie/Bishop/Derks3:33
3"Sick of You"Brockie/Derks3:08
4"Slaughterama" Vocals by Sleazy P MartiniBishop/Derks/Drakulich5:02
5"The Years Without Light"Brockie/Dewey Rowell2:58
6"King Queen"Brockie/Bishop/Derks4:51
7"Horror of Yig"Brockie/Bishop/Derks5:24
8"Vlad The Impaler"Brockie/Rowell/Douglas3:14
9"Black and Huge"Brockie/Bishop/Douglas3:09
10"Love Surgery"Brockie/Bishop/Derks4:55
11"Death Pod"Brockie/Bishop/Derks3:31
12"Sexecutioner" Vocals by SexecutionerBrockie/Varga3:58
13"Cool Place to Park" Vocals by Beefcake the MightyBrockie/Bishop/Rowell/Derks4:02


  • The tracks "The Years Without Light" and "Cool Place to Park" do not appear on versions released under the Master label, only versions released under Metal Blade label For the original 1990 Metal Blade release of the album, "Cool Place to Park" is a CD only track


  • Dave Brockie Oderus Urungus - lead vocals
  • Dewey Rowell Flattus Maximus - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Mike Derks Balsac the Jaws of Death - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Michael Bishop Beefcake the Mighty - bass, backing vocals; lead vocals on "Cool Place to Park"
  • Brad Roberts Jizmak Da Gusha - drums
  • Danielle Stampe Slymenstra Hymen - backing vocals
  • Chuck Varga Sexecutioner - vocals on "Sexecutioner"
  • Don Drakulich Sleazy P Martini - vocals on "Slaughterama"


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