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Scientific Linux

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Scientific Linux SL is a Linux distribution produced by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory It is a free and open source operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux2

This product is derived from the free and open source software made available by Red Hat, but is not produced, maintained or supported by them It is built from the source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions, under the terms and conditions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux's end-user license agreement and the GNU General Public Licensecitation needed


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Fermilab already had a Linux distribution known as Fermi Linux, a long-term support release based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux CERN was creating their next version of CERN Linux, also based on RHEL CERN contacted Fermilab about doing a collaborative release Connie Sieh was the main developer and driver behind the first prototypes and initial release1 The first official release of Scientific Linux was version 301, released on May 10, 2004

In 2015, CERN began migrating away from Scientific Linux to CentOS34need quotation to verify

Scientific Linux is now maintained by a cooperative of science labs and universities Fermilab is its primary sponsor1

Design philosophyedit

The primary purpose of Scientific Linux is to produce a common Linux distribution for various labs and universities around the world, thus reducing duplicated effort The main goals are to have everything compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux with only minor additions and changes, and to allow easy customization for a site, without disturbing the Linux base5

The distribution is called Scientific Linux because it was initially made and used by scientific labs It does not contain a large collection of scientific software26 However, it provides good compatibility to install such software


Scientific Linux is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with protected components, such as Red Hat trademarks, removed, thus making it freely available7 New releases are typically produced about two months after each Red Hat release1 As well as a full distribution equal to two DVDs, Scientific Linux is also available in LiveCD and LiveDVD versions7

Scientific Linux offers wireless and Bluetooth out of the box, and it comes with a comprehensive range of software, such as multimedia codecs, Samba, and Compiz,6 as well as servers and clients, storage clients, networking, and system administration tools1

It also contains a set of tools for making custom versions, thus allowing institutions and individuals to create their own variant1

Release historyedit

Historical releases of Scientific Linux are the following,89 although the release dates may not tell the whole story as each release is subjected to a period of public testing before it is considered 'released'

Scientific Linux release Codename Architectures RHEL base Scientific Linux release date Red Hat Enterprise Linux release date Delay
301 Lithium i386, x86-64 31 2004-05-10 2004-01-16 106d
4 Beryllium i386, x86-64 4 2005-04-20 2005-02-14 65d
5 Boron i386, x86-64 5 2007-05-14 2007-03-14 61d
6 Carbon i386, x86-64 6 2011-03-03 2010-11-10 113d
7 Nitrogen i386, x86-64 7 2014-10-13 2014-06-10 125d


Security updates are provided for as long as Red Hat continues to release updates and patches for their versions10

End of support schedule
Scientific Linux release Full updates Maintenance updates
3 2006-07-20 2010-10-31
4 2009-03-31 2012-02-29
5 Q1 2014 2017-03-31
6 Q2 2017 2020-11-30
7 Q4 2019 2024-06-30

See alsoedit

  • Science portal
  • Free software portal
  • Linux portal
  • Fermi Linux, Fermilab's own custom version of Scientific Linux
  • CentOS, another distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Rocks Cluster Distribution, a Linux distribution intended for high-performance computing clusters


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