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Savitri (actress)

savitri actress last days, savitri actress death
Kommareddy gurvaiah Chowdary father Subhadramma mother

Kommareddy Ventramaiah Chowdary Step father

Durgamba step mother Awards Rashtrapati Award
Nandi Award

Savitri born Kommareddy Savithri, 6 December 1936 – 26 December 1981 was an Indian film actress, playback singer, dancer, director and producer She appeared mainly in Telugu and Tamil, as well as Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi language films Widely regarded as one of the finest actresses of Telugu cinema, Savitri made her lead role debut with the 1952 Telugu film Pelli Chesi Choodu In 1960, she received the Rashtrapati Award for her performance in the Telugu film Chivaraku Migiledi In 1968, she produced and directed the Telugu film Chinnari Papalu, for which she received the state Nandi Award for Best Feature Film Silver She was honored among "women in cinema" at the 30th International Film Festival of India

She is best known for her work in award-winning films such as Devadasu 1953, Ardhangi 1955, Missamma 1955, Donga Ramudu 1955, Amara Deepam 1956, Thodi Kodallu 1957, Mayabazaar 1957, Abhimanam 1958, Mangalya Balam 1958, Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu 1959, Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam 1960, Chivaraku Migiledi 1960, Manchi Manasulu 1961, Aradhana 1962, Gundamma Katha 1962, Rakta Tilakam 1963, Mooga Manasulu 1963, Doctor Chakravarthy 1964, Pooja Phalam 1964, Devata 1965, Pandava Vanavasam 1965, Kanya Sulkam, Naadi Aada Janme, Prana Mitrulu 1967, Varakatnam 1968, Maro Prapancham 1970, Manase Mandiram 1966 and Jagan Mohini 1978

Her Tamil work includes Kalathur Kannamma 1959, Pasamalar 1961, Pava Mannippu 1961, Paarthal Pasi Theerum 1962, Karpagam 1963, Karnan 1963, Kai Kodutha Deivam, Navarathri 1964, and Thiruvilaiyadal 1965


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Early life

Savitri's parents are Kommareddy Guraviah Chowdary and Subhadhramma She was born in Chinnaravuru Tadepalle Mandalam near Undavalli in Guntur, Madras Presidency, now part of Andhra Pradesh, in a Telugu speaking family Her father died when she was 6 months old She had an elder sister named Maadhuri Later, her family moved to Chirravuru She studied in Kasturbhai High School She learned music and Indian classical dance from Sistla Purnayya Sasthri, starting from the age of 8 She performed stage shows as a child

Personal life

Savitri married Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan in 1955 Her marriage became public when she signed a photo for a Lux advertisement as Savithri Ganesh three years later They had two children, Vijaya Chamundeswari and Sathish Kumar

Role Model

Savithri often admires her step father Venkataramaiah Chowdary for her success Chowdary identified talent of savithri in her childhood and enrolled her in dance and acting classes


Savitri gave a few public performances as a child artiste in Vijayawada Later, she worked in a theatre company run by Kongara Jaggaiah She also started her own company, the Navabharata Natya Mandali Her best stage role was in Atma Vanchana, written by Bucchi Babu She was offered a role in Agni Pariksha in 1949 However, she looked too young she was 14 in screen tests, and so was dropped Then, she was selected for the lead role in the film Samsaram, by the production house Sadhana Chitra in 1950 Because of stage-fright she needed a lot of retakes on the floor, so she was dropped again She was replaced by Pushpavalli and was given a small role, with Nageswara Rao She performed a dance in Pathala Bhairavi in 1951


Savitri acted in a few Hindi films such as Bahut Din Huwe, Ghar Basake Dekho, Balaram Shri Krishna and Ganga Ki Lahren

Kannada cinema

Savitri starred in a few Kannada films such as Thaayige Thakka Maga, Ravichandra, and Chandanada Gombe

Playback singing

A promotional poster of the film Shanthi in year 1952

She is known for playback singing, and some of her works are "Sundari Neevanti" from Mayabazar, "Rangu Rangula Sila" from Navarathri 1966 and Neevevaro from Annapurna 1960, in which she gave voice for actress Girija


Savitri has directed films such as Chinnari Papalu, Chiranjeevi, Maathru Devatha,Vintha Samsaram, Kuzhanthai Ullam and Praptham


Savitri died on 26 December 1981 at the age of only 45 as a result of substance abuse


  • "Vendithera Vishaada Raagaalu" by Pasupuleti Rama Rao
  • "Mahanati Savitri Vendithera Samaragni" by Pallavi
  • "A Legendary Actress Mahanati Savitri" by VR Murthy and V Soma media

Awards and honors

Rashtrapati Award, Nandi Award, Kalaimamani, Mahanati Savitri and Nadigayar Thilakam

Selected filmography

Main article: Savitri Filmography


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External links

  • Savitri on IMDb

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