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Saragossa (disambiguation)

Saragossa or Zaragoza is a city in Spain

Saragossa may also refer to:

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  • Saragossa, Alabama
  • Saragossa Natchez, Mississippi, listed on the US National Register of Historic Places


  • Valerius of Saragossa died 315 AD
  • Vincent of Saragossa died 304 AD
  • José de Palafox y Melzi, Duke of Saragossa 1780–1847


  • Councils of Saragossa, councils of the Church in 380, 592, and 691
  • Battle of Saragossa, a battle in 1710 of the War of the Spanish Succession
  • Siege of Saragossa, one of three sieges of the city, including
    • Siege of Saragossa 1808
    • Siege of Saragossa 1809

Other uses

  • Saragossa moth, a moth genus
  • Saragossa Opening, an opening in the game of chess

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