Sandomierz Confederation

The Sandomierz Confederation was an anti-Swedish confederation, formed on May 20, 1704 in defense of the King of Poland, August II the Strong It was formed in reaction to the Warsaw Confederation, and its marshal was Stanisław Ernest Denhoff The confederation lasted until 1717, when it was disbanded by the Silent Sejm

Members of the confederation mostly consisted of nobility from Lesser Poland, who supported the Kingdom of Saxony, whose ruler August II also was king of Poland Its forming resulted in a three-year civil war between the two camps In its initial stages, Swedish side had the upper hand, and the Warsaw Confederation was eventually victorious in the civil war in Poland 1704-1706, which ended with the Treaty of Altranstädt 1706 Soon, however, after Swedish defeat in the Great Northern War, the Russians prevailed and August II resumed the Polish throne in 1709

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