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Sally of the Sawdust

sally of the sawdust 1925 film, sally of the sawdust
Sally of the Sawdust is a 1925 American silent comedy film directed by D W Griffith and starring W C Fields It was based on the 1923 stage musical Poppy3 Fields would later star in a second film version, Poppy 1936


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Because she married a circus performer, Judge Foster Erville Alderson casts out his only daughter Just before her death a few years later, she leaves her little girl Sally Carol Dempster in the care of her friend McGargle WC Fields, a good-natured crook, juggler and fakir Sally grows up in this atmosphere and is unaware of her parentage McGargle, realizing his responsibility to the child, gets a job with a carnival company playing at Great Meadows, where the Fosters live A real estate boom has made them wealthy Sally is a hit with her dancing Peyton Alfred Lunt, the son of Judge Foster's friend, falls in love with Sally To save him, the Judge arranges to have McGargle and Sally arrested McGargle escapes, but Sally is hunted down and brought back McGargle, hearing of Sally's plight, steals a Flivver, and after many delays, reaches the courtroom and presents proof of Sally's parentage The Judge dismisses the case and his wife takes Sally in her arms, but Peyton's claim is stronger and she agrees to become his wife McGargle is persuaded to remain and is found an outlet for his peculiar talents in selling real estate


  • Carol Dempster as Sally
  • W C Fields as Professor Eustace McGargle
  • Alfred Lunt as Peyton Lennox
  • Erville Alderson as Judge Henry L Foster
  • Effie Shannon as Mrs Foster
  • Charles Hammond as Lennox, Sr
  • Roy Applegate as the Detective
  • Florence Fair as Miss Vinton
  • Marie Shotwell as Society Leader
  • Glenn Anders as Leon, the Acrobat
  • Harrison Ford in undetermined role uncredited4
  • James Kirkwood, Sr in undetermined role uncredited4
  • Tammany Young as Yokel in the old army game uncredited4


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  • Sally of the Sawdust on Internet Movie Database
  • trailer to Sally of the Sawdust available for free download at Internet Archive
  • Sally of the Sawdust available for free download @ Internet Archive

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