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The Saisiyat Chinese: 賽夏; pinyin: Sàixià; "true people", also spelled Saisiat are an indigenous people of Taiwan In the year 2000 the Saisiyat numbered 5,311 This was approximately 13% of Taiwan's total indigenous population,1 making them one of the smallest aboriginal groups in that country The Saisiyat inhabit western Taiwan, overlapping the border between Hsinchu County and Miaoli County They are divided into the Northern Branch Wufong in the mountainous Hsinchu area and the Southern Branch Nanya and Shitan in the highlands of Miaoli, each with its own dialect Their language is also known as Saisiyat


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Saisiyat are sometimes rendered as Saiset, Seisirat, Saisett, Saisiat, Saisiett, Saisirat, Saisyet, Saisyett, Amutoura, or Bouiok

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  • Museum of Saisiat Folklore
  • History of Taiwan
  • Koro-pok-guru
  • Pas-ta'ai
  • Shanyue


  1. ^ Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, ROC DGBAS National Statistics, Republic of China Taiwan Preliminary statistical analysis report of 2000 Population and Housing Census Excerpted from Table 28:Indigenous population distribution in Taiwan-Fukien Area Accessed PM 8/30/06

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  • BBC News: Taiwan's Saisiyat aborigines keep pas-ta'ai rituals alive

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