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Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

sahyadri tiger reserve
Sahyadri Tiger Reserve is a reserve in the state of Maharashtra It was created by the Indian government in 2008 The Sahyadri Tiger Reserve is located in the Sahyadri Ranges of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, and is a part of the ecoregions of North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests and North Western Ghats montane rain forests These ranges form a common boundary between Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa, and constitute rich evergreen, semi-evergreen and moist deciduous forests The area is spread over 4 districts, namely Satara Mahabaleshwar, Medha, Satara and Patan tahasils, Sangli Shirala tahasil, Kolhapur Shauwadi tahasil and Ratnagiri Sangameshwar, Chiplun and Khed tahasils


The reserve spreads over Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary forming the northern portion and Chandoli National Park forming the southern part of the reserve Recently reserve is extended towards Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

The total area of the tiger reserve is:

  • Core Area: 60012 km2 23171 sq mi
  • Buffer Area: 565 km2 218 sq mi
  • Total Area: 1,166 km2 450 sq mi

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sahyadri tiger reserve

Sahyadri Tiger Reserve Information about

Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

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Sahyadri Tiger Reserve
Sahyadri Tiger Reserve
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