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Ruciane-Nida is a town in Pisz County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland The town was formed in 1966 by the merger of three smaller settlements: Ruciane German: Rudczanny, renamed Niedersee in 1938, Nida German: Nieden and Wola Ratajowa

The town of Ruciane-Nida is a well-known tourist centre within the Masurian Lake District, with a popular railway line running through it: a D29-219 line – Olsztyn – Szczytno – Świętajno – Pisz – Ełk In the summer, it becomes the furthermost Southern station of the Masurian Recreational Navigation system

As of 2004, the town had a population of 4,934

Historical monuments

  • Church pw Matki Bożej Miłosierdzia Ostrobramskiej Mother of God from 1910 in Ruciane
  • Historical seed hull building from late 19th century
  • Military bunkers from before the World Wars, early 20th century
  • Nature monuments: pine, oak

See also

  • Puszcza Piska
  • Masuria


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  • Official town webpage
  • in Polish Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej Urzędu Miasta i Gminy

Coordinates: 53°39′N 21°33′E / 53650°N 21550°E / 53650; 21550

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