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Royal Croatian Home Guard

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The Royal Croatian Home Guard Croatian: Kraljevsko hrvatsko domobranstvo, often simply Domobranstvo or Domobran in singular, in German: Croatisch-Slawonische Landwehr was the Croatian army section of the Royal Hungarian Landwehr Hungarian: Magyar Királyi Honvédség, which existed from 1868 to 1918 The force was created by decree of the Croatian Parliament on December 5, 1868 as a result of the Croatian-Hungarian Settlement

Uniform of the Hungarian Honvéd

The settlement specified four conditions:

  1. Croats would serve their military service within Croatia
  2. Military training would be conducted in Croatian
  3. Cadet and Domobran academies would be formed
  4. Croatian military units could take on Croatian names


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First unitsedit

eight squadrons:

  • 79th Home Guard Squadron Varaždin
  • 80th Home Guard Squadron Zagreb
  • 81st Home Guard Squadron Virovitica
  • 82nd Home Guard Squadron Vukovar
  • 29th Home Guard Squadron Varaždin
  • 30th Home Guard Squadron Varaždin
  • 31st Home Guard Squadron Vinkovci
  • 32nd Home Guard Squadron Vinkovci

then eight battalions:

  • 83rd Home Guard Battalion Sisak
  • 84th Home Guard Battalion Bjelovar
  • 87th Home Guard Battalion Gospić
  • 88th Home Guard Battalion Ogulin
  • 89th Home Guard Battalion Švarča
  • 90th Home Guard Battalion Glina
  • 91st Home Guard Battalion Nova Gradiška
  • 92nd Home Guard Battalion Mitrovica

in the next five years:

  • 25th Home Guard Infantry Regiment Zagreb
  • 26th Home Guard Infantry Regiment Karlovac
  • 27th Home Guard Infantry Regiment Sisak
  • 28th Home Guard Infantry Regiment Osijek

and the:

  • 10th Home Guard Cavalry Regiment Varaždin


  • Count Miroslav Kulmer 1869–1875
  • Dragutin Višnić 1875–1880
  • Milan Emil Musulin 1881–1890
  • Matija Raslić 1890–1893
  • Eduard Lukinac 1893–1897
  • Josip Bach 1897–1901
  • Ðuro Ćanić 1901–1903
  • Radoslav Gerba 1903–1907
  • Svetozar Boroević 1907–1912
  • Stjepan Sarkotić 1912–1914
  • Ivan Salis Seewis 1915
  • Anton Lipošćak 1915–1916, 1917
  • Luka Šnjarić 1916–1917
  • Mihael Mihaljević 1917–1918
  • Teodor Soretić 1918

World War Iedit

Badge of 42nd Home Guard Infantry Division

The 42nd Home Guard Infantry Division consisting of the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th Home Guard Infantry regiment under the Command of Stjepan Sarkotić took part in the battle against Serbia in August, 1914 together with the 104th Landsturm pučko-ustaška Brigade under the Command of Theodor Bekić1


During World War II, the Independent State of Croatia was formed and its regular army was also called the "Croatian Home Guard" It existed from April 1941 to May 1945

On 24 December 1991, during the Croatian War of Independence, a part of the Croatian Army was formed that was also called the "Home Guard" It ceased to exist in a 2003 reorganization2

See alsoedit

  • Austria-Hungary portal
  • Military of Austria-Hungary


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