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Roman Catholic Diocese of Crema

roman catholic diocese of cremation, roman catholic diocese of crema pastelera
The Diocese of Crema Latin: Dioecesis Cremensis is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory in northern Italy, existing since 1579 It is suffragan to the Archdiocese of Milan Its seat is Crema Cathedral


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Founded in the sixth century, Crema endured a particularly hazardous geographical position in terms of its independence It was no great distance from Milan, and its neighbor to the east, the Serene Republic of Venice, was always pressing to expand its holdings on the mainland In addition the German emperors held the overlordship of the Po Valley and from time to time dominated the political situation Otto of Freising died 1158, for instance, draws attention to Crema's situation in the perpetual struggle between Cremona and Milan Crema was situated just halfway between Cremona and Milan It bore a good deal of the military action, and, as Cremona regularly rejected its demands in litigation for redress and reparations, Crema developed a grudge This was particularly wrenching since Crema was politically subject to Cremona and spiritually subject to its bishop To gain an advantage, the leaders of Cremona urged the Emperor Frederic Barbarossa to destroy Crema in exchange for a considerable sum of money, which would allow him to pursue his ventures in the Po Valley The citizens of Crema therefore threw in their lot with Milan

Crema became subject to the Republic of Venice in September 1512, and the possession was ratified by the Treaty of Blois of 1513 The diocese of Crema was created by splitting off territory that had been part of the Diocese of Lodi of Cremona and of Piacenza

Bishops of Crema

1580 to 1800

  • 1580–1584 : Girolamo Diedo
  • 1584-1616 : Gian Giacomo Diedo
  • 1616-1629 : Pietro Emo, CR
  • 1629-1633 : Marcantonio Bragadin
  • 1633-1677 : Alberto Badoer
  • 1678-1702 : Marcantonio Zollio
  • 1702-1730 : Faustino Giuseppe Griffoni Sant’Angelo
  • 1730-1751 : Ludovico Calini
  • 1751-1781 : Marco Antonio Lombardi
  • 1782-1800 : Antonio Maria Gardini, OSB

since 1800

  • Tommaso Ronna 1807–1828
  • Carlo Giuseppe Sanguettola 1835–1854
  • Pietro Maria Ferré 1857-1859
  • Carlo Macchi 1859–1867
  • 1871-1893 : Francesco Sabbia
  • Bernardo Pizzorno 1911-1915
  • Carlo Dalmazio Minoretti 1915-1925
  • Giacomo Montanelli 1925-1928
  • Marcello Mimmi 1930-1933
  • Francesco Maria Franco 1933-1950
  • Giuseppe Piazzi 1950-1953
  • Placido Maria Cambiaghi, B 1953-1963
  • Franco Costa 1963
  • Carlo Manziana, CO 1963-1981
  • Libero Tresoldi 1981-1996
  • Angelo Paravisi 1996-2004 Died
  • Oscar Cantoni 2005-2016
  • Daniele Gianotti 2017–Present


The 62 parishes of the diocese are all located in the Province of Cremona, Lombardy In 2013 in the diocese of Crema there was one priest for every 1,000 Catholics


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External links

  • Benigni, Umberto "Diocese of Crema" The Catholic Encyclopedia Vol 4 New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1908 Retrieved: 2016-10-10


 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Herbermann, Charles, ed 1913 "Diocese of Crema" Catholic Encyclopedia New York: Robert Appleton 

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