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ROKO Construction

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ROKO Construction Limited, also Roko Construction Limited, but commonly referred to as ROKO, is a civil engineering and construction company in Uganda It maintains its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, and is active in Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and DR Congo


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The headquarters and head office of ROKO Construction Limited are located in the Kawempe neighborhood of Kampala, in Kawempe Division, about 9 kilometres 6 mi north of the city's central business district The coordinates of the company headquarters are 0°22'370"N, 32°33'350"E Latitude:0376957; Longitude:32559723


ROKO was founded in 1969 by the late Rainer Kohler and the late Max Rohrer, both natives of Switzerland The company employs over 2,000 employees, including 45 qualified engineers, of whom 39 are Ugandans


Completed projects include Mapeera House, the headquarters of Centenary Bank, on Kampala Road, in Kampala, the capital and largest city in the country ROKO also constructed DFCU House, the headquarters of DFCU Bank ROKO is the lead civil engineering and construction company in the consortium that won the tender to design, develop, construct and manage JLOS House Project, a 80,000 square metres 861,113 sq ft government office development in Kampala, Uganda Construction is expected to commence in 2016 http://icmconsultantscoug/indexphppage=mtn_switch

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External links

  • Website of ROKO Construction Limited
  • Special Report on the JLOS House Project

Coordinates: 00°22′37″N 32°33′35″E / 037694°N 3255972°E / 037694; 3255972

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