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Robert Stadlober

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Robert Stadlober born 3 August 1982 is an Austrian actor and musician His sister is Anja Stadlober, also an actress


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Life and career

Robert Stadlober was born on 3 August 1982 in Friesach in the Austrian province of Carinthia, and grew up in Puchfeld in the Steiermark Austria and in Berlin Germany As a child he worked as a voiceover artist for several films and he acted in different TV productions and motion picture films also His largest success is playing the main role as Benjamin Lebert, a partially disabled teenager at a boarding school, in the film Crazy 2000 Later, he starred in Summer Storm 2004, a gay coming-of-age story set at a rowing summer-camp Although The Advocate has claimed that he is bisexual,[1] Stadtlober himself objects to such labelling, saying that he's just had some homosexual experiences and that this is normal[2]

He was awarded the "best young actor" award at the Montreal International Film Festival in 2004 for his portrayal in Summer Storm

He is also a singer and musician He used to be in the rock Band Gary with David Winter and Rasmus Engler where he was the lead singer and played the guitar He is now a third of Indie band Escorial Gruen

Further, since 2007 he also runs the independent record label Siluh records

Until 2007, he made three movies together with Tom Schilling: Crazy 2000, Play It Loud! [de] 2003 and Black Sheep 2006

Robert Stadlober currently lives in Berlin 2008


Year Title Role Notes
1995 Ausweglos Kristof Heincke TV movie
1996 Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei Matthias TV series Season 1, Episode 9: Endstation für alle
Bibi Blocksberg Micky voice TV series Season 1, Episode 3: Bibi Blocksberg als Babysitter
Nach uns die Sintflut Benjamin Rittberg TV movie
Hallo, Onkel Doc! Micky Möller TV series Season 3, Episode 9: Die Übermacht
1997 Corinna Pabst – Fünf Kinder brauchen eine Mutter Marco Pabst TV movie
Mama ist unmöglich Tobias TV series Season 1, Episode 7: Mama ahoi!; Episode 11: Alles aus Liebe; Episode 13: Kein Fall für Mama
1998 Der letzte Zeuge Felix Deven TV series Season 1, Episode 4: Denn sie wissen, was sie tun
Schimanski Rumpelstilzchen TV series Season 1, Episode 5: Rattennest
Kai Rabe gegen die Vatikankiller Junge 1
Alphateam – Die Lebensretter im OP Ronald Köppke TV series Season 3, Episode 24: Sehnsucht nach Liebe
1999 Polizeiruf 110 Mark TV series Season 28, Episode 3: Mörderkind
Operation Phoenix – Jäger zwischen den Welten Roman Arendt TV series Season 1, Episode 7: Der Erlkönig
Die Todesgrippe von Köln Jan Kessler TV movie
Sonnenallee Wuschel
Die Cleveren Marcel Nowak TV series Season 1, Episode 5: Das Mörderkind
Die Wache Leo Labowski TV series Season 6, Episode 16: Dornröschen
2000 Der Sommer mit Boiler Unnamed role TV movie
Bella Block Unnamed role TV series Season 1, Episode 7: Abschied im Licht
Crazy Benjamin Lebert
Liebst du mich Paul TV movie
2001 180° Benni
Enemy at the Gates Spotter
Heidi Student
Engel & Joe Engel
2002 Blackberry Andre
Verdammt verliebt Sven Maibach TV series Season 1, Episode 1: Küss' niemals deinen besten Freund; Episode 2: Frösche und Prinzen
Klaustrophobie Klaus Kinski Short film
Noch fünf Stunden Kocke Short film
Sophiiiie! Toby
2003 Play It Loud! [de] Vince
The Danube Bruno
2004 Felix Ende Felix Ende
Summer Storm Tobi
1999–2005 Tatort Unnamed role TV series Episode 411: Kinder der Gewalt 1999
Freddy Knopf TV series Episode 416: Licht und Schatten 1999
Erwin Feichtner TV series Episode 604: Der Teufel vom Berg 2005
2006 Kronprinz Rudolfs letzte Liebe [de] Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany TV movie
Die Frau vom vierten Foto unten rechts Ramon Short film
Black Sheep Breslin
Peer Gynt Peer Gynt TV movie
2007 Free to Leave Ferdinand
2008 Berlin am Meer Tom
Krabat Lyschko Also known as Krabat and the Legend of the Satanic Mill
Love Me Forever Billy Smith
2009 Flores negras Unnamed role
Unter Strom Cheesie
Zarte Parasiten Jakob
Rahel – Eine preußische Affäre Prince Louis Ferdinand TV movie
Rumpelstilzchen Rumpelstilzchen TV movie
2010 Jew Suss: Rise and Fall Lutz
Der Mann, der über Autos sprang Julian
Kottan ermittelt: Rien ne va plus Alfred Schrammel
2011 Adams Ende Adam
The Way to Live Mirko
2012 Say Goodbye to the Story Unnamed role Short film
Mary of Nazareth Hircanus TV movie
Fly Away Mittwoch
SOKO 5113 Benno Ortmann TV series Season 38, Episode 12: Dominiks Bauchgefühl
2013 Steirerblut Mike TV movie in production
Der Bau Wachmann in production
2014 Diplomacy Lieutenant Bressensdorf
2018 Das Boot Smut TV series
2019 Berlin, I Love You Damiel


  • Grosse Pause Recess – TJ Detweiler First two seasons only
  • Das wandelnde Schloss Howl's Moving Castle as Howl


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External links

  • Robert Stadlober on IMDb
  • http://wwwprisma-onlinede/tv/personhtmlpid=robert_stadlober
  • http://wwwdeathtogaryde/ official homepage of his band
  • http://wwwsiluhcom / homepage of his record label
  • Robert Stadlober by CastingDBeu

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