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Richard Ovenden

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Richard Ovenden
Richard Ovenden in 2015
Born 1964-03-25 March 25, 1964 age 54
Nationality American
Education Deal Parochial and Sir Roger Manwood's School, Kent and at St Chad's College
Occupation Librarian

Richard Ovenden /ˈʌvəndən/; born 25 March 1964 is a British librarian and author He currently serves as Bodley's Librarian in the University of Oxford, having been appointed in 2014[1] Ovenden also serves as the Director of the Bodleian Library's Centre for the Study of the Book and holds a Professorial Fellowship at Balliol College[2] Ovenden is a trustee of the Chawton House Library[3] and vice-chair of the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation[4] In 2009, he was elected chair of the Digital Preservation Coalition, replacing Dame Lynne Brindley in a post he held until 2013[5][6] He was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 2015[7] He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, having been elected in 2008[8]


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  • 2 Career
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Early life

Ovenden was educated at Deal Parochial and Sir Roger Manwood's School, Kent and at St Chad's College, Durham University, graduating in 1985


He has worked at Durham University Library, the House of Lords Library, the National Library of Scotland and at the University of Edinburgh, where he was responsible for Collection Management within the Library, for Special Collections and Archives, and for the University Museums and Art Gallery

In 2003 he became Keeper of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries[9][10] and in 2011 was appointed Deputy Librarian

Ovenden is the author of John Thomson 1837–1921: photographer 1997, a study of the Scottish photographer


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Further reading

  • Oxford Online First Author 24 August 2007 Interview with Ovenden about the Bodleian Library's digitisation programs and its partnerships with Google

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