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Rhye is an R&B musical project of Canadian singer Mike Milosh It originally consisted of him and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal They released singles "Open" and "The Fall" online without much detail that led to speculation about the band Their debut album, Woman, was released 4 March 2013 In June 2013, the album was longlisted for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize In 2017, it was reported that Robin Hannibal was no longer a member of Rhye and that the project had evolved in to a music collective led by Milosh and focused around the project's live band The new album Blood was released on February 2, 2018, and was largely written, produced and performed by Milosh

In 2018, Rhye began an international tour for Blood


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  • Michael Milosh was born in Toronto, Canada and is an electronic musician and vocalist He was a classically trained cellist and later moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue music as a vocalist and a producer Professionally using the name Milosh, he signed to Plug Research record label and released two albums You Make Me Feel 2004 and Meme 2006 He also contributed the track "Then It Happened" to the Ghostly International/Williams Street album Ghostly Swim, which was released in 2008
  • Robin Hannibal born Robin Braun was a member of the Danish duo Quadron together with Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj They were also signed to the Plug Research label and released a self-titled album in July 2009 Hannibal was also part of a Danish electronica collective called Boom Clap Bachelors, who in early 2008 released the collective album Just Before Your Lips He has collaborated with other artists like Nobody Beats the Beats, Clemens, Jokeren and LOC Hannibal also launched two projects, Owusu & Hannibal and Parallel Dance Ensemble and contributed to Szjerdene's "Lead the Way" and to Leon Ware's "Orchids for the Sun" In 2011, Quadron collaborated with American DJ and record producer Kaskade on the song "Waste Love" off his album Fire & Ice

Career as Rhye

In 2010, Hannibal was working on some Quadron materials and was tipped about Milosh's work through their common record label He contacted Mike Milosh, living in Berlin at the time to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark The two musicians spent a week together in the studio recording three tracks for their first collaboration They became mutually appreciative of each other's music

Eventually Hannibal moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career there As it happened, Milosh had also gone to the States independently Based on their earlier cooperation in Denmark, the two agreed to continue cooperating, forming the duo Rhye, initially as an internet-based mystery, posting several singles online, but without providing any background information or contact details Their online postings for "Open" and "The Fall", both romantic soul-pop renditions, garnered attention and following The songs were accompanied by sensual and high-quality shot videos

There was great interest as well as speculation amongst music journalists and reviewers about the group's identity Discussions also ensued about Milosh's high and sigh-like contralto androgynous vocals His voice and the band's instrumentation are likened to those of British-Nigerian singer Sade and to those of Michael Franks and The xx

In 2013, the band released its debut album, Woman The cover art for the album featured his then-wife, Alexa Nikolas

During their 2014 tour, Rhye sold a poster printed for the Boston show containing cryptic text in Wingdings that read "Who is Rhye Edward Bernays"

In 2017, Rhye collaborated with Bonobo on his Migration album on a track called "Break Apart" In June 2017 they released the split single featuring the songs "Please" and "Summer Days"

In 2018, Rhye released Blood, to largely positive critical feedback The cover art for the album features his naked girlfriend a different woman from the one on the cover of Woman



List of studio albums, with selected chart positions and certifications
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