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Reynaldo Miravalles

reynaldo miravalles, reynaldo miravalles y alvarez guedes
Reynaldo Agustín Miravalles de la Luz 22 January 1923 – 31 October 2016, known as Reinaldo Miravalles, was a Cuban actor residing in Miami

His birthplace is Callejón del Chorro, Old Havana He died on 31 October 2016 in Havana at the age of 93


  • 1960 Historias de la Revolución, directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
  • 1961 El joven rebelde, directed by Julio García Espinosa
  • 1962 Las Doce Sillas, directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea The film is based on the picaresque novel with the same title, The Twelve Chairs by Soviet writer duo Ilf and Petrov Reynaldo Miravalles stars the protagonist, an enterprising con man Ostap Bender Set in a tropical context, it is starkly similar to the Soviet one of the novel A notable difference is that in the Cuban version the hero "sees the light", becomes corrected and joins Cuban revolutionary youth in zafra campaign sugar cane harvesting
  • 1971 Una pelea cubana contra los demonios, directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
  • 1973 El Hombre de Maisinicú, directed by Manuel Pérez
  • 1976 Rancheador, directed by Sergio Giral
  • 1978 El recurso del método, directed by Miguel Littin
  • 1978 Los sobrevivientes, directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
  • 1979 La viuda de Montiel, directed by Miguel Littin
  • 1982 Alsino and the Condor Spanish: Alsino y el cóndor, a Nicaraguan film directed by Miguel Littín
  • 1984 Los pájaros tirándole a la escopeta, directed by Rolando Díaz
  • 1985 Time to Die Spanish: Tiempo de morir, Colombian drama film directed by Jorge Alí Triana
  • 1985 De tal Pedro tal astilla, directed by Luis Felipe Bernaza
  • 1991 Alicia en el pueblo de Maravillas translated as Alice in Wondertown,, directed by Daniel Díaz Torres, a controversial film of satire, absurdity and horror, seen as a criticism of the problems of Cuban society Critic Juan Antonio García Borrero has been planning to include in a book under a tentative title Diez películas que estremecieron a Cuba Ten Films That Shook Cuba
  • 1992 Mascaró, el cazador americano, directed by Constante Rapi Diego
  • 2003 Dreaming of Julia, directed by Juan Gerard
  • 2003 El Misterio Galíndez, directed by Gerardo Herrero
  • 2008 Cercanía, directed by Rolando Díaz
  • 2013 Esther en alguna parte, directed by Gerardo Chijona It is a Cuban-Peruvian co-production shot in Cuba based on a novel by Eliseo Alberto It was the first Cuban film of Miravalles after the 22-year hiatus


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