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Ramona (1910 film)

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Ramona is a 1910 American short drama film directed by D W Griffith, based on Helen Hunt Jackson's 1884 novel Ramona Through a love story, the early silent short explores racial injustice to Native Americans and stars Mary Pickford and Henry B Walthall1 A copy of the print survives in the Library of Congress film archive2 The film was remade in 1928 dir Edwin Carewe with Dolores del Rio and 1936 dir Henry King with Loretta Young


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Ramona chronicles the romance between Ramona Mary Pickford, a Spanish orphan from the prestigious Moreno family, and Alessandro Henry B Walthall, an Indian who appears on her family's ranch one day A man named Felipe Francis J Grandon proclaims his love for Ramona, but she rejects him because she has fallen for Alessandro They fall deeply in love, yet their desire to wed is denied by Ramona's stepmother, who reacts by exiling Alessandro from her ranch He returns to his village, only to find that it has been demolished by white men Meanwhile, Ramona is informed that she also has "Indian blood", which leads her to abandon everything she has to be with Alessandro They marry, and live among the wreckage of Alessandro's devastated village They have a child together and live at peace until the white men come to force them from their home as they claim the land Their baby perishes, and then Alessandro is then killed by the white men Ramona is then rescued by Felipe and returned to her family back on the ranch3


  • Mary Pickford as Ramona
  • Henry B Walthall as Alessandro
  • Francis J Grandon as Felipe
  • Kate Bruce as The Mother
  • W Chrystie Miller as The Priest Mary Pickford, the actress who plays Ramona
  • Dorothy Bernard
  • Gertrude Claire as Woman in west
  • Robert Harron
  • Dell Henderson as Man at burial
  • Mae Marsh
  • Frank Opperman as Ranch hand
  • Anthony O'Sullivan as Ranch hand
  • Jack Pickford as A boy
  • Mack Sennett as White exploiter

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External linksedit

  • Ramona on Internet Movie Database
  • Ramona on YouTube
  • Ramona 1910 film is available for free download at the Internet Archive

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