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Raja Chinna Roja

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Raja Chinna Roja English: King and Small rose is a 1989 Indian Tamil live-action animated children's film directed by SP Muthuraman The film was produced by M Saravanan and M Balasubramaniam under the production company AVM Productions

The film's script was written by Panchu Arunachalam and is loosely based on the 1965 English musical The Sound of Music with a song of the original fully used in Tamil The film was the first Tamil film to use animated characters with live actors The plot revolves around Raja, who arrives in the city to become an actor, in the process he meets his childhood friend and is forced to take care of his nieces and nephews

The film's cinematography was handled by TS Vinayagam while the editing was done by the duo RS Vittal and Lancy respectively The soundtrack was composed by Chandrabose with the song "Superstar Yaarunu" remain popular today The film was released on 20 July 1989 and had a 175-day theatrical run


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An aspiring young wannabe actor Raja Rajinikanth from a village get into a fast city which is full of crooks and drug dealers As he searching for a place in the dream factory, he falls for the daughter of the house owner Jaiganesh Usha Charmed by his looks and character, Usha Gowthami also falls for him One day he accidentally meet his childhood friend Bhaskar Raghuvaran who is a spoiled rich guy He offers Raja an acting job, then takes him to his uncle's house Raja is to be in charge of the administration of the household and take care of five children Bhaskar's nieces and nephews each of whom have issues such as being lazy, not studying etc Raja finds out that Bhaskar is cheating his uncle out of funds and using him to do the same Bhaskar involves in drug business along with his associates Azhagu, Kitty Ravichandran who has blindness recovers from the problem and pretends to be blind in order to find out the truth of Bhaskar After finding out the truth, Ravichandran throws Bhaskaran out of the home In retaliation, Bhaskar takes away his uncle's car resulting in Ravichandran getting arrested for drugs Raja along with children goes to Bhaskar's den catches him redhandedly The film ends with Raja finally achieving his ambition to become a film star,


  • Rajinikanth as Raja, a youth who wants to become an actor
  • Gouthami as Usha, the house owner's daughter who falls in love with Raja
  • Raghuvaran as Bhaskar, a friend of Raja who uses him to cheat his rich uncle
  • Ravichandran as Bhaskar's uncle
  • V K Ramasamy as Ravicnahdran's uncle
  • Chinni Jayanth as Raja's friend
  • S S Chandran as a butler
  • Kovai Sarala as a maid
  • Baby Shalini as Chithra, Ravichandran's middle daughter
  • Kitty as Bhaskar's associate
  • Rupini as Rupini in a cameo role
  • Azhagu as Bhaskar's associate
  • Raghavi as Ravichandran's daughter


Raja Chinna Roja was the first Indian film to feature live action with animation It was AVM Saravanan's wish to do this, without any budgetary constraints He also wanted AVM to become the first Indian studio to do this The idea of blending live action with animation was inspired by Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988


The soundtrack consist of seven songs composed by Chandrabose and written by lyricist Vairamuthu The song "Superstar Yaarunu Ketta" was remixed by Chandrabose's son Santhosh Bose for the film Kalayatha Ninaivugal 2005

Raja Chinna Roja
Studio album by Chandrabose
Released 1989
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label AVM Audio
Producer AVM
No Song Singers Length m:ss
1 Super Staru S P Balasubrahmaniam, S P Sailaja 04:25
2 Raja Chinna Roja S P Balasubramaniam 04:46
3 Varungala Mannargale S P Balasubramaniam 04:23
4 Oru Panbadu Yesudas 04:32
5 Ongappanukkum Pe Pe Malaysia Vasudevan, S P Sailaja 03:43
6 Poo Poo Pol Mano 05:14
7 Devaadhi Devar Ellaam Malaysia Vasudevan 04:57


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