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Rafael Arozarena

rafael arozarena high school la orotava spain, biografia de rafael arozarena
Rafael Arozarena April 4, 1923 – September 30, 2009 was a Spanish poet and novelist who was born in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands He studied medicine and after that he started writing books, because writing is what he likes most and what he usually does
He spent his youth under the influence of the Spanish Civil War 1936–1939 and the post-war He studied Art so, apart from writing, he can also draw He joined in a literary group called ‘Los Fetasianos’ Fetasiano group with some of his friends
His first stories appeared in the 40’s in a magazine called Arco About ten years later, he started to write for a newspaper and all through his life he published six books: Alto crecen los cardos, Aprisa cantan los gallos, El omnibus pintado con cerezas, Silbato de tinta amarilla and Cerveza de grano rojo However, his most important book is Mararía, which is famous all round the world and which has also be made into a film
In 1988 he received the most important literary prize in the Canary Islands Until his death in 2009 he lived in Bajamar, La Laguna Tenerife


  • Romancero Canario 1946
  • A la Sombra de los Cuervos 1947
  • Aprisa Cantan los Gallos 1964
  • El omnibús Pintado con Cerezas 1971
  • Desfile Otoñal de los Obispos Licenciosos1985
  • Altos Crecen los Cardos 1959
  • Silbato de Tinta Amarilla 1977
  • Amor de la Mora 1989


  • Mararía 1973
  • Cerveza de grano rojo 1984

Children's novels

  • La Garza y la Violeta 1998
  • El Dueño del Arco-Iris 2002

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