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radzymin plany zagospodarowania mapa, radzymin polska
Radzymin is a town in Poland and is one of the distant suburbs of the city of Warsaw It is located in the powiat of Wołomin of the Masovian Voivodeship The town has 8,818 inhabitants as of 2008, but the surrounding commune is heavily populated and has an additional 11,000 inhabitants


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Radzymin was founded by Bolesław IV of Warsaw in 1440 It was granted a town charter in 1475 Since then, the town shared the fate of the nearby city of Warsaw, located only 25 kilometers 16 mi away The town is notable for two major battles that took place there in the 20th century − the Battle of Radzymin 1920 and Battle of Radzymin 1944

Notable people

It is the birthplace of the linguist Jan Baudouin de Courtenay Nobel laureate in Literature Isaac Bashevis Singer was born in Leoncin, but lived in Radzymin during childhood though some sources claims Radzymin as his birthplace

Marecka Kolej Dojazdowa

The Marecka Kolej Dojazdowa English: Marki Commuter Railway was a narrow gauge railway in Poland connecting Warsaw with Marki and Radzymin active from 1896 to 1974


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  • Jewish Community in Radzymin on Virtual Shtetl

Coordinates: 52°25′N 21°11′E / 52417°N 21183°E / 52417; 21183

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