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radłów wojska polskiego koszcił, radłów parafia
Radłów is a town in Tarnów County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland It is the seat of the gmina administrative district called Gmina Radłów It is situated at the river Dunajec approximately 13 kilometres 8 mi north-west of Tarnów and 66 km 41 mi east of the regional capital Kraków

The town has a population of 2,800 It gained the status of a town on 1 January 2010

It has three schools and a park


The first historical notes mentioning Radłów can be found in the Cracow Cathedral Code 1080, when a parish was established in Radłów In 1241 the church was destroyed by Tatars A new church was erected only in 1337 and modernized in the 17th century In 1655, the area was ravaged by Swedish troops when a major battle of the Second Northern War took place near Radłów Two years later, the Hungarian army devastated the town again

Radłów was often threatened or partly destroyed by the floods of the Dunajec 1270, 1468, 1533, 1844, 1903, 1934

After the First Partition of Poland 1772, the town belonged to the Austro-Hugarian Monarchy The second half of the 19th century saw an increased emigration to Germany and the United States In the first battles of the First World War 1914, the whole region was heavily destroyed 1918 Radłów became part of the Second Polish Republic

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Coordinates: 50°5′N 20°51′E / 50083°N 20850°E / 50083; 20850

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