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The Racoviţă anglicized Racovitza was a family of Moldavian and Wallachian boyars which gave the Danubian Principalities several hospodars, becoming influential within the Ottoman Empire and the Phanariote kinship network Their ancestors became boyars under Alexandru Lăpușneanu r 1552–61; 1564–681better source needed A member of the family was mentioned in a chrysobull dated 7 October 14872 The name is Slavic Rakovica, meaning "crab"3 The family was partially Hellenized One of its branches remained present inside Romania By the 17th century, the family was one of the leading families in the region It later managed to penetrate into the Phanariote nucleus in Constantinople, which facilitated and increased their chances to occupy the thrones in their native country, and later to successfully maintain their positions It remained influential in the Kingdom of Romania

Notable membersedit

  • Constantin Racoviță 1699–1764, Prince of Moldavia and Wallachia
  • Emil Racoviță 1868–1947, Romanian biologist, zoologist, and explorer
  • Ioan Mihail Racoviţă 1889–1954, Romanian general in World War II
  • Mihai Racoviță d 1744, Prince of Moldavia and Wallachia
  • Nicolae Gr Racoviță 1835-1894, Romanian politician
  • Ștefan Racoviță fl 1764–1765, Prince of Wallachia


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