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The Puyuma Chinese: 卑南族; pinyin: Bēinán-zú; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Puyuma-cho̍k, Pi-lâm-cho̍k, also known as the Pinuyumayan, Peinan or Beinan, are one of the indigenous groups of the Taiwanese aborigines The people are generally divided into the Chihpen and Nanwang groups, both resident in Taitung County on the east coast of Taiwan

In the year 2000 the Puyuma numbered 9,606 This was approximately 24% of Taiwan's total indigenous population, making them the sixth-largest indigenous group1 The Puyuma speak the Puyuma language, as well as Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien

The name "Puyuma" means "unity" or "concord," and was originally the autonym of the speakers of the Nanwang dialect2 Zeitoun and Cauquelin 2006 also note that the word Puyuma can be analyzed as pu'-uma, which means "to send to the field"


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Peinan Siteedit

The earliest records of the prehistoric Peinan Site in Taitung City were made by Torii Ryūzō, an anthropologist in the early period of the Japanese occupation of Taiwan During his four visits to Taiwan for anthropological research, he took photos of the monolithic stone pillars at the site Beinan Cultural Park opened in 1997 to display and preserve the archaeological site, considered the most important one in Taiwan An indoor/outdoor Museum of Prehistory opened in 20023


Puyuma villages include ordered from north to south:4

  • Ulibulibuk
  • Bankio
  • Alipai
  • Pinaski
  • Tamalakaw
  • Rikabung
  • Puyuma Nanwang
  • Peinan
  • Balangaw
  • Apapalo
  • Kasabakan
  • Katipul
  • Nirbuaqan

Notable Puyuma peopleedit

  • A-mei, pop singer
  • Paelabang Danapan, Minister of the Council of Indigenous Peoples 2009-2013
  • Saya Chang, singer and A-mei's younger sister
  • Erica Chiang, singer
  • Jane Huang, singer of Taiwanese rock duo Y2J
  • Samingad, singer
  • Purdur, singer
  • Panai, singer
  • Tank, singer
  • Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, Puyuma language singer
  • Baday, author
  • Kuciling Katatepan, traditional carver
  • Iming, sculptor

See alsoedit

  • Demographics of Taiwan
  • Taiwanese aborigines


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External linksedit

  • Taiwan Culture Portal: Making a man out of a boy: the Puyumas’ rite of passage in the House of Men in English
  • A Puyuma singer's story Singer works to insert indigenous songs into mainstream

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