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Premier of North Korea

who is the premier of north korea, current premier of north korea
The Premier of the Cabinet1 Chosŏn'gŭl: 총리; Hancha: 總理; MR: Chongni is nominally the non-executive head of government of North Korea The office is also alternatively known as Prime Minister of North Korea2


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Originally, under the 1948 Constitution of the DPRK, the Premier was a very important post and held actual power over the government Kim Il-sung himself inaugurated the post, keeping it for 24 years until 1972, while the ceremonial role of the head of State rested in the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly

The 1972 Constitution created the post of President of the DPRK for Kim Il-sung, transferring to it all the paramount power The Premier was now the head of the Administration Council, but most of the powers of the former cabinet were passed to the Central People's Committee, the highest ruling council chaired by the president himself The first premier after Kim Il-sung was his long-time ally Kim Il The post was then officially known as Premier of the Administration Council 정무원 총리, jungmuwon chongni

After Kim Il-sung died, the post of president remained vacant officially Kim Il-sung was proclaimed Eternal President as Kim Jong-il planned a new State reorganization A constitution revision in 1998 abolished both the Central People's Committee and the Administration Council, re-creating the Cabinet


The Premier represents and oversees the cabinet, which is charged with executing the policies decided by the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea The office has no policy-making authority of its own

The Premier now shares power with the President of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly ie the head of State and the Chairman of the National Defence Commission ie the military supreme commander, although it was clear it is the lowest of the three: significantly, Kim Jong-il was NDC Chairman uninterruptedly from 1993 until 2011, and Kim Yong-nam has been President of the SPA Presidium since 1998, while the premiers have often changed

The premier is represented by a number of vice premiers

List of Premiers of North Koreaedit

  • List of Premiers of North Korea

Vice Premier of North Koreaedit

There are two post of Vice Premier in North Korea and act as a high-ranking executive assistant to the Premier

Currently there is only one title holder, Kim Tok-hun

List of previous officer holders:

  • Choe Yong-gon - executed 20153
  • Kim Yong Jin - Vice Premier for Education executed 20164

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