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PostBank Uganda

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PostBank Uganda is a non-bank credit institution in Uganda Its activities are supervised by the Bank of Uganda, the country's central bank and national banking regulator


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As of December 2012, PostBank Uganda was a small, but growing credit institution whose assets were estimated at US$54 million UGX:1357 billion


PostBank Uganda has been in existence since 1926 It started out as a department in the Post Office In February 1998 PostBank Uganda Limited was incorporated in accordance with the Communications Act of 1997 to take over the operations of the former Post Office Savings department

PostBank Uganda was incorporated under the Companies Act in February 1998 as a limited liability company The bank's operations are supervised by the Bank of Uganda under the Financial Institutions Act It is classified as a Tier II Institution Non-Bank Credit Institution, by the Bank of Uganda

PostBank Uganda subscribes to the Depositors Insurance Scheme at Bank of Uganda If PostBank Uganda fails, the bank's depositors are insured up to Sh 3 million approximately US$1,60000 in 2009, per eligible account In 2009, PostBank Uganda applied to the Bank of Uganda to become a fully licensed commercial bank

In February 2016, Ugandan media sources reported hat the government was planning to merge Postabank Uganda with Pride Microfinance Limited, to form an agricultural bank


PostBank Uganda is wholly owned by the Government of Uganda

Branch network

As of May 2014, PostBank Uganda maintained a branch network of 32 fixed branches and 17 mobile banking units, totaling 49 branches

Fixed branches

  1. Arua Branch - Arua
  2. Bombo Branch - Bombo
  3. Bugoloobi Branch - Bugoloobi, Kampala
  4. City Branch - Nkrumah Road, Kampala Head Office
  5. Entebbe Branch - Entebbe
  6. Fort Portal Branch - Fort Portal
  7. Gulu Branch - Gulu
  8. Hoima Branch - Hoima
  9. Iganga Branch - Iganga
  10. Jinja Branch - Jinja
  11. Kabale Branch - Kabale
  12. Kakiri Branch - Kakiri
  13. Kampala Road Branch - Kampala Road, Kampala
  14. Kamwenge Branch - Kamwenge
  15. Kanungu Branch - Kanungu
  16. Kasese Branch - Kasese
  17. Kayunga Branch - Kayunga
  18. Kitgum Branch - Kitgum
  19. Lacor Branch - Lacor Hospital, Gulu
  20. Lira Branch - Lira
  21. Masaka Branch - Masaka
  22. Mbale Branch - Mbale
  23. Mbarara Branch - Mbarara
  24. Mubende Branch - Mubende
  25. Nakasongola Branch - Nakasongola
  26. Ndeeba Branch - Ndeeba, Kampala
  27. Nkrumah Road Branch - Nkrumah Road, Kampala
  28. Ntungamo Branch - Ntungamo
  29. Soroti Branch - Soroti
  30. Wandegeya Branch - Wandegeya, Kampala
  31. William Street Branch - William Street Kampala
  32. Koome Island Branch - Koome Island

Mobile branches

The mobile branches are located in the following towns and districts:

  1. Budaka - Budaka District
  2. Bududa - Bududa District
  3. Bukedea - Bukedea District
  4. Butaleja - Butaleja District
  5. Fort Portal - Kabarole District
  6. Kamwenge - Kamwenge District
  7. Kapchorwa - Kapchorwa District
  8. Kibaale - Kibaale District
  9. Kyegegwa - Kyegegwa District
  10. Kyenjojo - Kyenjojo District
  11. Manafwa - Manafwa District
  12. Pallisa - Pallisa District
  13. Sironko - Sironko District
  14. Tororo - Tororo District


The activities of PostBank Uganda are directed by the its board of directors As of May 2014, the chairman of the board was Obella Oode The managing director and chief executive officer was Stephen Mukweli The current board was installed in 2012 for a five-year term The day-to-day activities of the bank are supervised by a team of ten bank managers, headed by the managing director

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