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Port of Taichung

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The Port of Taichung Chinese: 臺中港, also Taichung Port, is a port located in Wuqi District, Taichung, Taiwan It is the second-largest port in Taiwan after Kaohsiung Port and operated by Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Taiwan's only state-owned harbor management company


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TRA Cargo Branch Line - Taichung Harbor Line

The port covers an area of 3,793 ha 9,370 acres,1 and includes industrial, fishing, and business ports2 It is 125 km 78 mi-long and 25 to 45 km wide2 It can accommodate vessels of up to 60,000 tons, and in June 2000 earned an ISO-9001 rating2 The port still has hundreds of hectares left of undeveloped space2

The harbor is located 110 nautical miles from Keelung Port and 120 nautical miles from Kaohsiung Port2 In 2010, the harbor surpassed Keelung Port to become the second-largest port in Taiwan3 Total investment has topped NT$4575 billion US$153 billion by 59 companies, while thirty firms have established operations within its free-trade zone3 Compared to 2010, total cargo processed has grown 21% while containers handled grew 1392%3 The port has seen growing luxury car shipments in 2010, indicating signs of economic recovery for the island4


In August 1968, preliminary research into a new port started5 By July 1969, it was decided to make Taichung Port into a new international port, with construction starting on February 1, 19715 The port first opened on October 31, 19761 The port was part of the Ten Major Construction Projects proposed by Premier Chiang Ching-kuo


The port can be reached by bus, rail, or road


  • TRA Taichung Harbor Line


  • Provincial Highway No 12
  • Provincial Highway No 17
  • Provincial Highway No 61

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  • Taichung Harbor Bureau

Coordinates: 24°17′40″N 120°29′27″E / 24294528°N 120490917°E / 24294528; 120490917

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