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Port of Keelung

port of keelung, port of keelung taiwan bulk terminal
The Port of Keelung Chinese: 基隆港; Hanyu Pinyin: Jīlóng gǎng; Tongyong Pinyin: Jilóng Gǎng; Wade–Giles: Chi-lung-kang; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ke-lâng-káng, also known as Keelung Harbor, is located in the vicinity of Keelung City, Taiwan It is operated by Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Taiwan's only state-owned port management company


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The 1858 Treaty of Tientsin specified Tamsui as an open port The Port of Keelung opened few years later in 18861 In the Japanese colonial period, the Governor-General of Taiwan started the development of Keelung Harbor By the early and middle 20th century, it was the largest port in Taiwan at the time The Port of Keelung brought prosperity to the city of Keelung, with Keelung growing into the 4th largest city in Taiwan after Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung

Following the defeat of the Japanese in the Second World War, the Japanese army retreated from Taiwan through the Port of Keelung It was also the main port through which Chinese officials entered Taiwan to take over Taiwan from Japan With the rapid economic growth in Taiwan during the 1960s-70s, the Port of Keelung became one of the busiest ports in the world In 1984, Port of Keelung was the 7th busiest cargo port in the world


The port forms a narrow waterway with approximately 2,000 meters in length and 400 meters in width that extends from the inner harbor in the southwest to the port mouth in the northwest2


The port serves destinations to the Matsu Islands, Xiamen and Okinawa


The Port of Keelung is accessible from Keelung Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration

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  • Keelung Harbor Bureau
  • Keelung Customs Office in English

Coordinates: 25°07′52″N 121°44′35″E / 25131°N 121743°E / 25131; 121743

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