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Politics of Arunachal Pradesh

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The key political players in Arunachal Pradesh state in north-east India are the ruling Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and People's Party of Arunachal


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National politics

There are only two Lok Sabha lower house of the Indian Parliament constituencies in Arunanchal pradesh

State politics

The Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly has 60 seats directly elected from single-seat constituencies

Political parties

Major national parties
  • Indian National Congress INC
  • Bharatiya Janata Party BJP
Minor national-level parties
  • National People's Party NPP
  • Nationalist Congress Party NCP
  • Trinamool Congress TMC
Regional parties
  • People's Party of Arunachal PPA

Defunct Political parties

  • Arunachal Congress AC
  • Arunachal Congress Mithi ACM
  • Congress Dolo

See also

  • Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly


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Politics of Arunachal Pradesh

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Politics of Arunachal Pradesh
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